Taz Falconer shares a few short videos with some incredible exercises that you can add to your core workouts and stretching routines to really make the most of them. If you have any sort of doubt, be sure to take a look at her Instagram to see just how amazing she is!



Middle split stretch with resistance

Try this one for core stability and pelvic floor activation

Slow and controlled stability work: Grab a glider, towel or even socks ๐Ÿ˜‰Try this one after compound leg training! 

To strengthen and deepen your Bridge/Wheel pose

Plank amplification 

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๐Ÿ“Silo District Cape Town

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Dynamic Hamstring and Hip flexor flexibility training

Over split stretching (advanced)

Hip flexor – Quad – Glute stretch

Hamstring + Hip flexor + standing split Stretch

Try this for increased spine mobility

stretch flow

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stretch flow @virginactivecollection

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Active and Resistance Stretch

Abs Tip: knee to elbow contact

Try this: Complete 3 rounds


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