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A Day in the Life as a Software Engineer @ Entelect’s Offices | South Africa

Join me as a head to the Entelect Melrose Arch head offices for the day. Entelect offers end-to-end technology services and solutions, collaborating with their customers to help them go from good to great. “Our philosophy and our culture continue to allow us to help forward-thinking businesses around the world achieve their objectives through the […]

Servicing & Cleaning My Evolve Electric Skateboard

I finally decided to service and clean my Evolve Electric skateboard after a year, and thought I would record it if anyone is interested or has any tips to share. Riding it along the promenade and the coast line, it does tend to get a bit dirty and sandy. Thus it is a good idea […]

Save Money! 5 Items I Stopped Buying

I was recently looking into some of the things I buy often and I had a look at what I could reduce further to save a bit of extra money. I put this impromptu list together of 5 items or ‘aspects of things’ that I have stopped or really reduced in buying. If you look […]

How to Choose The Best 5 Inch FPV Racing Drone Kit for Higher Control

Contents: Why the control is the key element of FPV racing drone?  How to choose best 5 inch FPV racing drone kit for higher control? GEPRC Frame MEPS SZ2207 Motor MEPS Propeller SpeedyBee F4 stack Happymodel Receiver SpeedyBee VTX Foxeer Antenna CNHL Battery iFlight FPV Goggles RadioMaster TX12 MKII Transmitter FOXEER FPV Camera     […]

6 Learnings From the ‘YOUTUBE Journey’ of Making Youtube Videos

I have been making videos for some time now, (even though my subscriber and view count is not that high yet) starting off with more motivation style videos on this channel: @FitNish but I have come to realize that there are many great learnings, which we can take away from the journey and process of […]

Sharing Your Love for Veganism Through Blogging

Interest in veganism is growing around the globe. Around 2% of American adults follow a vegan lifestyle and 5% of young adults in the UK eat a vegan diet. This is particularly impressive when you consider how entrenched animal consumption is in these two nations. And even if certain people don’t fully commit to the […]

12 Top Tips For Junior Software Developers On Their Path To Senior!

Starting your career as a software developer can be daunting, especially since technology changes at such a rapid pace. The role of a software developer can be quite diverse and you may find yourself doing a number of different things and dealing with many different technologies, frameworks and applications. It’s good to keep an open […]

Arteck Bluetooth Keyboard & Touchpad Review For Microsoft Surface Pro 8

If you are into tech and gadgets, you no doubt know about Microsoft’s Surface Pro line up. The current version out is the Surface Pro 9 but there is not too much difference between the 8 and 9 in my opinion, or differences worth upgrading, but that’s for another blog post. Usually the Surface Pro […]