Staying positive and motivated can help make things happen. But it’s hard to imagine a single person in the world who finds staying motivated difficult. A person can experience many events in life that can challenge an optimistic attitude. But there are ways to help you through those times. Here are some ways to keep your eyes and mind on the brighter side of life.  

1. Identify Your Goal 

What’s your dream or ambition? Do you have a strong desire to achieve something? If yes, it means that it’s your goal. It’s the target that you should focus on and strive to achieve. You should set a realistic goal and give yourself a timeframe to complete it. For example, if you want to get back into shape, you should discipline yourself to keep a workout schedule. Book personal training with a fitness coach that will also help you stay accountable. You can check out Fit Club NY if you’re looking for personal training and nutrition assistance on your fitness goals for example.  


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Consider Chunking 

Do you tend to look at a task and think how difficult it is? It’s a primary reason why procrastination happens. If you have a 20-page report to do and look at it as a whole, you tend to think how impossible it would be even if the deadline is still a few days away. Instead of perceiving it as an impossible task, it’s the best plan to break the project into smaller, manageable pieces that you can work on per day.

If you have a week to finish it, break the pages into five to seven ways, depending on what your schedule allows. Let’s say do four to five pages per day, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.  

Make Your Routine Fun 

Your attitude toward a task is your driving force. If you like a specific sport, such as basketball, one of your friends may not like it the way you do. Unlike yourself, your friend has almost no interest in it because he doesn’t think it’s fun. Would you stick to a hobby or interest if you don’t find it enjoyable?  

Fitness Coach Jenna Brust always wanted to continue being an athlete even after she graduated. She loved watching IFBB shows, and that motivated her to keep training as she finds it fun. Later on, she was able to compete in her first IFBB show herself.  

You may aim to become good at sports, music, or perhaps cooking. You can think of ways of how to make practice time fun like what did Coach Jenna did. Maybe you also share the same interest with other people and can make it more fun for them. You can always look for ways to make the things fun.


One On One With Online Fitness Coach, Jenna Brust


Pinpoint the Problem 

As soon as you feel that your motivation is depleting, you can start by determining why. You can feel overwhelmed, tired, bored, or maybe there’s an outside problem affecting your motivation, such as family or financial problems.

When you feel like these external forces are hindering you, it’s best to work on them first to eliminate these issues as quickly as possible. Putting it off and letting the core problem continue to build will be another burden on your shoulders.   

Be with Like-Minded People 

The people you surround yourself with will affect your motivation. If you’re friends with people who have the same goals as you, you can feel that you’re not alone in your journey.  

Looking for smart people to learn from is one of the best ways to uplift yourself and stay motivated. Surrounding yourself with people who are positive-minded and adapting their habits can help you work on your own goals.  

You can build professional relationships with individuals that you see as an inspiration. This also includes your family and friends who will support your goals. The relationships you keep in your life are strong reminders of why you should stay motivated.  



Limit Distractions 

Useless things in life can derail you from achieving your goals. Distraction can come from television, phones, video games, or excess socialization. While it’s alright to relax and unwind when you feel tired or overwhelmed, it will depend on how much you can discipline yourself to get back on track.  

Manage your time better and block technology and other influences that aren’t contributing to your well-being, including people. How fast you can get to your goal depends on dedicating your time and energy towards reaching it.  

In Conclusion 

Staying motivated also depends on your willingness to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. If you keep procrastinating, or if you quickly lose your way, that may mean that you don’t know what you want. If your actions aren’t aligned with your goals, it’s simply a waste of time. Make sure you know what you want and work on your resolve from there.  


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