A really well put together Youtube Documentary on the Dark World of New Age Gurus by James Jani. We all know about the popular self help gurus around the world, motivating people with their seminars and speeches and powerful words as well as the book and movie called The Secret. But are they really helping people? 

“New Age and Law of Attraction gurus have been on the rise since Rhonda Byrne released her 2006 film, The Secret. But there is a sinister industry and reality that lies behind the teachings of New Thought which seemingly goes unnoticed.”



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“Rhonda Byrne’s Film, “The Secret” popularized the “Law of Attraction” greatly, and has allowed this philosophy/belief to permeate in the mainstream for a very long time. But the history that lies behind “The Secret” is one that has its roots all the way back to the 1800s, where the New Thought Movement began taking strides, as well as other New Age beliefs. In this video, we take a dive into that history, and the sinister industry that his been built up around it.”


The Dark World Of New Age Self Help Gurus


“We’ll take a look at some of the most influential figures in New Thought throughout the past, to present day. Figures like Napoleon Hill (author of “Think and Grow Rich”, and “The Law of Success”), Esther/Abraham Hicks (Author of “The Law of Attraction” and various other works), Bob Proctor, Rhonda Byrne, and others. We will also identify just how New Age Spirituality has allowed itself to become a perfect grift, for gurus with questionable intentions to enter the space and take advantage of those in a more vulnerable and desperate situation. Those who are in desperate need of wealth, those who are in desperate need for relationships, health, happiness, etc etc. New Age/New Thought exists in many areas of the self-help industry too, and although hard to initially spot, once someone familiarizes themselves with the teachings of New Thought and the overall philosophy it isn’t hard to begin seeing the patterns. We will also explore the connections between New Age gurus and Multi Level Marketing companies. A connection that seems very prevalent within many of the big figures in this industry.”


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