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5 Tips for Getting Out of a Workout Slump

Falling into a workout slump happens to the best of us, even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts. But this decrease in activity doesn’t need to be the end of your time in the gym, and there are ways to get back into action. Use these tips to get out of your workout slump and reignite […]

5 Reasons To Add a Climbing Wall to Your Home Gym

Are you looking to add something different and exciting to your home gym to make it stand out? Why not an indoor rock climbing wall? Below, we list a few excellent reasons why fitness enthusiasts should add a climbing wall to their home gym! Unique and Fun Challenge First, are you tired of doing the […]

How Drinking Alcohol Impacts Your Fitness Goals

Drinking alcohol is a common way to unwind, but have you ever considered how it affects your fitness goals? Maintaining your health goes beyond what you do in the gym. It’s a constant commitment to keeping yourself in shape and on a clean diet. In this article, we will discuss the various ways that drinking […]

London Walk Abouts!

I managed to venture into London for a bit of site seeing. A lot of walking was involved, but it is always good to get those steps in! Check out some of the videos below if you are interested to see some of the touristy sites with me! Bridges, St. Paul’s (Squirrel encounter!), High Views […]

What To Do After Getting Injured While Working Out

The last thing anyone wants is to suffer an injury after a workout. Unfortunately, it can happen even with the best intentions and proper form. Taking the right steps is important to ensure a speedy recovery and prevent further damage when faced with an injury. Here are a few tips for what to do after getting […]

How To Stay Committed to Routinely Working Out on Vacation

Traveling can potentially hinder your cherished fitness regimen. Luckily, being creative and diligent will help you stay committed to routinely working out on vacation. Here are some tips to help you prepare before your next trip. Take Advantage of the Hotel’s Fitness Amenities Many hotels and resorts have state-of-the-art gyms that cater to all your […]

Top 4 Tips for Balancing a Busy Lifestyle With Wellness

Balancing a bustling lifestyle with wellness is no small feat, yet it’s an essential endeavor for maintaining health, happiness, and productivity. The demands of daily life often pull people in multiple directions, making it challenging to prioritize self-care. However, integrating wellness into a hectic schedule can be seamless and efficient with a few top tips. […]

How to Cycle Towards Making a Difference

If you love to cycle and want to make a difference in the world, why not bite the bullet and sign up for a charity bike ride? Providing the perfect opportunity to turn your passion for cycling into something good, so many charities need fundraisers just like yourself. When it comes to organizing a cycle […]

Wazoogles Superfood Protein Blend Review | Peanut Butterlicious!

This review looks at a vegan protein powder and superfood smoothie blend, more specifically the Wazoogles Superfood Protein Blend – Peanut Butterlicious! Protein shakes are a great way to add to your daily intake of calories as well as essential nutrients and ‘super foods’, and add just what you need. There is no need to […]