Name: Elena Soboleva
Age: 27
Height: 5’1
Competition weight: 118’
Current weight: 126’
Current city: Chicago, USA
Occupation: Personal trainer

What made you get started with training and living a more healthy lifestyle?

I got into fitness 3 years ago. From age 16-21 I struggled with bulimia and anorexia, I was very skinny but had a completely wrong body image. When I moved to the USA I gained 20 pounds because of the horrible food I was eating since I didn’t have a job and didn’t have money for food.

After meeting my first coach, who helped me prep for my first show, I got more serious about my body and lifestyle. interview With Chicago Personal Trainer, Elena Soboleva


What has been the best part of this lifestyle so far?

The best part is that I have so many people who follows my journey and gets inspired by me everyday!

Have you had any significant setbacks? How did you deal with them and overcome them?

Of course I have had a few.

  • I strive for progress.
  • I set goals very high and I have to do everything that’s possible to achieve them.
  • I find people who motivates me.
  • I have great mentors who inspire me and push me. interview With Chicago Personal Trainer, Elena Soboleva


Who has been your biggest influence/support in your life and how did they affect you?

I have a few mentors who helps me with my personal and professional life. My brother Is my main influence. He is a pure example of hard work!

What are your future plans?

Improve and expand my personal online fitness brand. Get my pro card. Travel the world and keep helping people to change their lives.

Take us through an average day of yours:

My days are so different all the time, but here is an example of one.

  • I wake up at 6 am, do yoga and meditation for 20 minutes, then fasted cardio outside (I live by the lake) or in the building gym.
  • Then breakfast (I always eat the same breakfast, oatmeal and eggs and coffee) then shower.
  • I then answer a few emails, following up with my online clients. Then train clients at the gym or go to to their home gym.
  • I then get my workout done.
  • I eat every 3 hours, so my food is always with me, so I don’t do lunch or dinner specifically.
  • Then I would go to some events, I love networking!
  • In the evening I study (I am getting another fitness certification) and would finish my day with reading a book. interview With Chicago Personal Trainer, Elena Soboleva


Give us a brief description of your philosophy on your diet:

I am a flexible eater. I count my macros, and always make sure I get my protein in! I don’t have cheat days and I listen to my body.

When I crave something I go and get it! I train hard for it 🙂 I drink a lot of water and my meals are very simple, I don’t like to overthink it. That way it helps me to stay on track and saves a lot of time.

What are your top Nutrition tips for gaining muscle?

  • Eat protein!
  • Be consistent and be ready!
  • Plan your meals ahead. interview With Chicago Personal Trainer, Elena Soboleva


Do you count your calories? Do you think it is necessary?

I count my macros. It is easy for me as a competitor. I think everyone should do it, it makes your life easier and helps to be flexible with your food.

Have you seen any common mistakes that ladies may make when trying to lose fat?

They don’t eat enough and are scared of the weights!

I was there. I used to not eat, did a lot of cardio and never touched weights. I was skinny fat girl, mainly because I didn’t have enough knowledge.

What process do you follow when its time to start getting ready for a competition/photoshoot?

I first cut my carbs and fats, and do more cardio. I also change my workouts a little bit, But diet will be the most important part. interview With Chicago Personal Trainer, Elena Soboleva


Give us a brief description of your philosophy on your training/training schedule and on average how long do you workout for?

I train 5-6 time per week, for 1 hour. I do my workout making it quick and effective. I do cardio after gym for 30 minutes.

I did classic bodybuilding splits for a long time, but now I add more functional training to develop my strength. I always focus on parts that needs developing, and build my workout around it.

What are a few of your weight training tips for the ladies?

Learn and listen to your body. Your form is very important! And don’t forget to learn how to activate your glutes!

What are your essentials that are always in your gym bag?

My gloves, waist trainer, water bottles, VS body spray, gum, BCAAs and resistant band. interview With Chicago Personal Trainer, Elena Soboleva


Do you have any fit fashion tips for the ladies or any specific gym fashion trends that you love?

I always look for cute gym gear! I have it more than regular clothes 🙂 I go to sales, Forever21 or marshals and tjmax to find nice and cheap clothes. Don’t be afraid to show your personality! Gym fashion motivates me so I always look forward to going to the gym in my new outfit.

And for the guys?

I love to see guys in tight leggings or compression gear if they have nice legs, I am a freak! Only tip is to be yourself! interview With Chicago Personal Trainer, Elena Soboleva


What are your 3 favourite exercises?

1. Hip thrust!

Best for Building glutes!

2. Lateral raises for shoulders.

I love the pump from it!

3. Pull ups.

Makes me feel strong and it’s something I am working on to develop.

Which body part is your favourite to train and what are some of your tips to training it?

My legs and glutes!

I train them twice per week. Make sure your form is good! And squueeeeze your glutes tight every set! interview With Chicago Personal Trainer, Elena Soboleva


Do you do a lot of cardio with your training?

I do fasted cardio every other day. 30 minutes after my workout. I change it up, from HIIT to slow. Depends on my goals at the time.

Do you use supplements at all? Do you think they are essential?

I do use supplements from like bcaas, protein powders and fat burners. I believe that they definitely do help with results, but you can’t rely only on them.

Favorite male Fitness models or bodybuilders?

Arnold Schwarzenegger. interview With Chicago Personal Trainer, Elena Soboleva


Favorite female fitness icon(s):

Anna Starodubceva, Larisa Reis, Oksana Grishina.

Favorite Quote:

“Never give up.” interview With Chicago Personal Trainer, Elena Soboleva


What is the most common question you get asked?

  • How much do you bench press? I don’t.
  • Do you workout out using the Smith machine? No, never 😉



Waiting for my flight to Spain… can’t wait to see my parents ❤️ while watching how planes taking off it remind me how 6 years ago I jumped on the plane, said my parents goodbye and moved to a different country.. Now I call it home, but 6 years ago it was unknowing place. I had no idea what I am going to do here, who I will become and how I will make it happen. All I had is a desire to run away from the life I had. I had amazing family who gave me everything. But I was like a plant, growing in a basket. I never experience struggle or challenge. I was just living. I didn’t experience life. I was comfortable. The moment I stepped out of my comfort zone, faced all my fears and went ahead, it was like a fresh air! It has been a whole lot of struggle for 6 years. And now I am sitting at the airport, going to have vocation with my parents in a beautiful country… There is still so much to accomplish, my goals and dreams are changing everyday day, but I am not afraid anymore! I look forward to this life! I want to experience everything what this life will bring me! Take ? out of this life! Don’t be afraid to go and chase your dreams! If you want to move somewhere, do it! If you want to quit your job because you hate it, do it! If you unhappy in your relationship, leave! Life can give you so much…. Just trust it! ❤️

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