stacey Be GREAT GEARWR.UP Freddy Jeans Review By Dr. Kim Bishop, Bikini Fitness Competitor

What are they and what makes them special?

Freddy pants are a curve shaping, form fitting trouser that is supposed to flatter the female figure.

Do they have different styles or types of products?

They are available in various styles: trousers ( jeans, gym pants ) shorts and Capri pants. Also various fabric prints and designs.

Who are they most suited for?

Freddy pants are suited for most females but I would say particularly fit, curvy and confident ladies.

WR.UP Freddy Jeans Review


They range in price depending on the garment but a pair of WR.UP jeans which is their most popular is about R1500.

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What Freddy says:

“The only trousers with exclusive Shaping Effect from WR.UP® technology.”


  • Lovely stretch cotton fabric.
  • Ranges of colors, prints, lengths and styles to choose from.
  • Design that lifts, shapes and supports bum, thighs and legs on the whole.
  • Extremely comfortable and sexy.
  • So versatile in terms of wear options: casual, smart casual, day or night, active wear.

WR.UP Freddy Jeans Review


  • Very much a low-rise, hipster fit which some might not enjoy.
  • There are no pockets.


Similarly priced to the other best jeans, sportswear designers eg. Lorna Jane, CajuBrasil, Guess, Sissy Boy. So if one is a regular shopper at those stores Freddy’s will be no problem.

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