Review: A200 Skins Half Tights

Professional sports stars are always looking to perform better and recover faster, and with such huge advances in research and technology there are many products available which claim to do such. These days, even the average fitness enthusiast doesn’t mind spending a bit more to discover great products which can benefit their physical performance as well as their bodies or ‘aesthetics.’

Skins is a relatively new brand of compression gear which claim to improve circulation to your muscles, help them recover faster and assist with your performance, allowing to do more for longer.

At the end of the day, hard work and the right mind-set is just what you need to go beyond what you think you are capable of. But that, coupled with a product like SKINS can definitely see you enhancing your athletic abilities that extra bit.

The Basics:

What are they?

Tight fitting compression clothing; thermal gear, designed to improve circulation, support joints, control moisture from sweating, keep joints and muscles warm.

For this review, they were used and tested out in 3 activities, namely: playing soccer, yoga, and weight training.


The SKINS A200 Compression Half Tights retail for +- ZAR699.00

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  • They are very comfortable and fit snugly. SKINS make use of a unique sizing guide distinct to almost every product which uses your height and weight to determine your size.
  • The material, design, and finish is of a high quality and it doesn’t feel like it will get worn out quickly. It also gives the feel and impression that the ‘stretchiness’ will last for a long time due to the strength and thickness of the material. Compared to other gym tights you can feel that their quality is somewhat superior.

“Memory MX fabric contains a unique high stretch elastomeric yarn – which returns to its original shape no matter how much stress you put it under.”

  • They keep your muscles and joints warm, which is especially good for training on those cold winter days. Something which is quite important is that sturdy ‘together’ feeling, which they give you, for times when you carry out demanding high intensity sprints or heavy weight training, such as squats for example. That feeling gives you a slightly better piece of mind and the sensation that your muscles and joints are supported, kind of like when using knee wraps for instance.
  • They are ideal to use in winter  or in the cold, as the close skin contact ensures you keep warm and increases your blood flow and circulation, thus you are already warm before you actually ‘warm up.’

“Improved circulation also helps to eliminate lactic acid build up and other metabolic wastes during an intense workout.”

  • SKINS claim they take into account compression levels of your muscles. So they mould to the shape of your muscle as they are in motion, to keep them supported throughout any exercise. This is a bit difficult to really experience immediately, but what can be said is that they do stay tight and firm while encompassing your muscles throughout any stressful movement.

“We hooked up SKINS athletes and for the first time ever, were able to accurately measure compression on muscles in motion – as they change shape with increased levels of oxygen-fuelled blood pumping through them.”

  • SKINS has done a lot of research and they provide a few research studies on their website if you are interested in the scientific data. This is a step in the right direction as most companies put forward a lot of claims with no research to back their claims up.
  • SKINS have quite a wide variety of products suited to different sports and environments catering to almost every sport including extreme sports such as skiing. Some of their products are also thermal gear which provide thermal support in extreme circumstances.
  • They are made with a special material to allow for absorption, quick drying and evaporation, so sweat and water won’t get absorbed in and weigh you down. This will keep you dry and will also assist in keeping your muscles at an optimum temperature. Review: A200 Skins Half Tights


  • The SKINS range is relatively expensive compared to similar brands and products, but they are of a high standard and very high quality. They may be slightly overkill if you are on a budget, for the average gym goer or runner, but for the more specialised athlete, they can definitely be worth it.
  • When it comes to recovery and performance, it is hard to say whether the SKINS themselves contribute to both when using them only a few times. But when taking into account how warm they keep the muscles, it should be expected that more blood and oxygen flows there and simply put, this in turn should translate to better recovery.

Important to remember:

Something to keep in mind is that everything takes time and commitment.

So don’t expect to put on these pants or any other product out there, and see a drastic improvement in your performance or recovery straight away. You will experience the benefits by using them over a period of time. The improvement over time comprises a lot of small things which add up and contribute to your overall performance. Review: A200 Skins Half Tights

About Skins

“It took us five years of testing, speaking to experts, designing and redesigning before we launched our first pair of SKINS tights. We may have got a bit faster since, but we still go through the same process with all our products.”

 A brief history of SKINS

In 1996, an Aussie skier had a bold ambition – to feel ten years younger so he could ski all day, party all night and be ready the next morning do it all again.

His starting point was the knowledge that improved blood circulation would supply more oxygen to his muscles, helping them work harder for longer and recover faster. So he consulted with NASA and other experts to confirm he was on to something. Turns out he was.

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