Name: Cassandra Veldtman
Age: 21
Height: 1,61 m
Occupation: Personal Trainer at Buc Fitness Club


What are your 3 best go to bicep exercises?

Little secret – I hate training arms, its my worst muscle group to train. I just get really bored (laughs).

  1. DB hammer curls
  2. BB curls
  3. Alternating DB curls


Arms and abs training With Cassandra Veldtman!


What are your 3 best go to Tricep exercises?

  1. Weighted tricep dips on bench
  2. Rope tricep push-downs
  3. Skull crushers

Do you have any not so common arm exercises that you like to incorporate?

  • Commandos. (Start in a plank position; press up on right arms, back down on right arm, press up on left arm, back down on left etc)
  • Rope slams.

Many girls try to work their arms in order to get rid of the ‘wobbly’ under arm fat. Does it really work to get rid of specifically the arm fat?

In my opinion, that part is the hardest to get rid of fat on the arms and if you want to incinerate that fat then you need to incorporate HIIT arm exercises such as; boxing (so damn good to tone those arms), commandos, push-ups & rope slams.


Arms and abs training With Cassandra Veldtman!


What are your top tips when training your biceps?

To focus on the concentric and eccentric phase:

  • 1 second concentric phase.
  • 1 second pause.
  • 3 seconds eccentric phase.

What does a typical Arm workout look like for you?

  • DB bicep curls superset BB curls (12 reps x 4 sets) – proper burn out
  • Tricep push-downs superset DB tricep kickbacks (12 reps x 4 sets)
  • DB alternating hammer curls (24 reps x 4 sets)
  • Weighted tricep dips on bench (15 reps x 4 sets)
  • Commandos (20 reps) superset rope slams (30 seconds) x 3 sets


Arms and abs training With Cassandra Veldtman!



How often do you train your abs and do you train them on their own day/session?

Train them at least twice a week but aim for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I train them after my weight training sessions such as legs (which I train 3 x per week).

What are your top tips when training your abs?

Try stick to body weighted exercises such as hanging leg raises if you don’t want to thicken your waist. But, if you are trying to build your abs, weighted exercises are good especially for obliques e.g oblique crunches.


Arms and abs training With Cassandra Veldtman!


What are some exercises that you use to target each part?

  • Upper: Anything crunches.
  • Lower: Leg raises/ hanging leg raises.
  • Obliques: Ankle taps/ side crunches/ side hanging leg raises.

What does a typical Ab workout look like for you?

You can find my ab and leg workouts on my Instagram page 😉



BOOTY WORKOUT ? ___________________________________________ Pistol squats on bosu ball with TRX cable (12 per leg)ss snap jumps in and out + froggers (2 snap jumps + 2 froggers x 10) _ Front BB squats (15) ss Glute band kickbacks (15 per leg) _ Single leg step ups with kettlebell (12 per leg) ss weighted walking lunges + glute lift (12 per leg) _ Bulgarian weighted split squats (12 per leg) ss cross over glute lifts on bench (15 per leg) ______________________________________________ Repeat each exercise 3 times. 30 sec rest between each set. ??? (Video is sped up by 0.5) ______________________________________________ Video cred ? @damianschechter ______________________________________________ Workout fueled by the best @nutritechfit ✅ ______________________________________________ Training @bucfitnessclub – DM ME FOR PT SESSIONS ??‍♀️ _ #FlexFriday #BootyByCassandraFit #ProjectBooty

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