Fit & Flex Fridays!| Calisthenics + Bodybuilding Back workout

This is the first of the Fit & Flex Fridays (FFF)! posts, where I will just highlight one of my workouts I did during the week, for anyone to give a try or modify for themselves. After switching to only calisthenics training for quite some time I decided to include some weights back in, to increase overall strength and to get back into the bodybuilding feel of it, and to target specific muscles that I had neglected.

The workout covered here is predominantly a back workout starting off with some calisthenics work and holds and includes the basics, nothing fancy or complex at all. When in doubt stick to the basics.

The calisthenics part is focused on pull ups and the front and back levers as well as the human flag. I am working towards mastering the front lever.

Calisthenics workout

  • Band work (band lat pull downs, rows) just to warm up.
  • Explosive pull ups | 3 sets of 4 – 5 reps.

Try getting over the bar almost into a muscle up here. They are quite taxing at first but keep at it to get used to them.

  • Skin the cat, controlled all the way up and down | 2 sets of 2 -3 reps

This will get the shoulders warm and give them a small stretch getting ready for the back levers. It is also a great core exercise.

  • Front tuck lever holds | 3 sets of 15 seconds each
  • Back lever holds | 4 sets.

Depending where you are at with the back lever just move into the position that you can hold, and hold there for a bit.


Just a quick back lever ??? A video posted by (@fitnish) on

  • Flag negatives and holds | 2 sets of each side. (lowering slowly and holding for a few seconds.)
  • Wide grip pull ups | 3 sets of 5 – 8 reps
  • Close grip pull ups (chin ups) with tuck lever extension at the top | 3 sets of 3 reps.

The extension at the top will help strengthen the muscles for the front lever, but if you find yourself too tired by now to do it don’t sweat it, just stick to regular chin ups.


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Weights workout

All exercises are mostly kept between 6 – 12 reps.

  • Seated machine rows | 4 sets
  • One arm dumbbell rows standing | 4 sets
  • Dumbbell pullovers | 4 sets
  • Hyper extensions | 4 sets
  • Stretching routine for flexibility.

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