The most common question (and protein ‘myth’) that vegans or vegetarians seem to get asked, more so when they are in the fitness/bodybuilding space, is how do you get enough protein, or where do you get your protein? We are so bombarded with the same information everywhere about needing so much protein in order to gain muscle, when you really don’t need as much as you think. Also, many vegetables have plenty of protein, so there is no shortage of plant protein sources.

Check out these 4 incredible ladies who live the lifestyle while following plant based diets!


Jody Calitz

“I quit the gym, gave up meat and set my body free.”


Jody Calitz Jody Calitz Jody Calitz


Manuela Gabriella Incendiario

She’s a virgin active personal trainer, online coach and a yogi.


Manuela Gabriella Incendiario Manuela Gabriella Incendiario Manuela Gabriella Incendiario

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Melissa Kannigan

She’s a personal trainer and certified athletic nutritionist.


Melissa Kannigan Melissa Kannigan Melissa Kannigan

Neelam Effendi

She’s a personal trainer. Health Snob. Amazon Woman. Athlete. Spoonie. Mixed breed. Sci-fi Nerd. Grain free Dairy free Vegetarian. Gut health expert. Humanitarian Activist. Extraterrestrial. Deep Thinker. Tea drinker. Organic living. Grungie. Earth Child. Truth Seeker. Conscious Being. Spiritual Gangster.


Neelam Effendi Neelam Effendi Neelam Effendi


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