It is almost time once again for the holy month of Ramadan, where many Muslims perform a fast each day during that time. If you are not too sure how to balance your fasting with your training, or what the ideal foods to eat would be, then this booklet is perfect for you.


The Workout Handbook | Training And Diet During Ramadan


We have put together a short hand book, written by Neelam Effendi and Mohseen Patel, both whom are Muslim personal/online trainers. They have both very kindly written articles about managing your training and diet through Ramadan, which are both still online here. But now with the handbook you can download it, read it whenever you like and distribute it to whoever you think could benefit from it.

The book is great to have and to use as a reference each year when you begin your fast, to refresh your memory and to stay healthy during this spiritual time. 


The Workout Handbook | Training And Diet During Ramadan


Download the handbook by clicking HERE.


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