Some might think it is a trend or temporary thing, but living a healthy life is definitely a lifestyle. Taking care of our bodies and mind is something we should be doing all the time. It takes time adjusting our lives to it, especially if we are starting out and are a bit unsure of what to do. Eventually it becomes a lifestyle to the ones who are committed to it. 

In today’s world, when the world is facing a pandemic, it is very important that we maintain proper hygiene and stay healthy by adopting healthy habits. Maintaining healthy habits will help build proper immunity to fight diseases.

Exercise at least half an hour per day

Since we are all busy throughout the week, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. Those that work in an office or go to school are bound to sit still for many hours at a time. It is important to reduce the time we are sitting down, as sitting too much could increase the risk of metabolic problems and flexibility as well as lead to weight gain. 

It all starts from our brain, which is in charge of the whole body. Among other reasons, we need to drink water to improve our memory and mood, but it also helps to reduce headaches and migraines. Drinking water also helps improve our performance when exercising.

Whether we go to the gym or train at home with one of our yoga mats, researchers have stated that an average adult needs to exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Depending on your gym, you get offered a broad variety of exercises that you can do. From strength training, cycling and jogging to boxing, dancing and swimming.


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Those that do not enjoy going to the gym, can do the exercises outside in a park or at home. Obviously, we should make ourselves comfortable when exercising. Yoga for example could easily be done at home by following videos online, to help with core strength and flexibility. Yoga incorporates mediation, breathing exercises and poses that encourage relaxation.

Scientific research has stated that yoga could relieve anxiety and migraines, fight depression, reduce stress and inflammation and that it could reduce chronic pain. On the other hand, yoga could improve the quality of life and sleep, as well as promote healthy eating habits. 


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Some enjoy doing cardio instead of yoga, which is fine as well. Most cardio exercise, cut the risk of heart disease and cancer and improve the mental well-being in general. Cycling in particular promotes weight loss, strengthens our immune system, builds muscle and boosts our brain power. And on top of that, cyclists tend to have better navigational skills than non-cyclists, but remember to choose something that you enjoy doing and that gets you moving.

Eventually, multiple studies have confirmed that exercising has mental and physical benefits. It enhances our health, strength and flexibility. Exercising for at least 30 minutes every day would make noticeable changes to our mind and body. We should be aware of the benefits and avoid the consequences of not exercising enough. 

Stay Hydrated and eat healthy snacks

Always try to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and juicy fruits and vegetables. The presence of adequate water in our body is very important for our organs to work efficiently. Always know that a slight dehydration can lower your mood as well as energy and concentration.

Try keep a bottle of water with you throughout the day.  Avoid sugary foods that drain away the energy and hydration from your body.  Try pairing a protein source with a complex carbohydrate. Like, eating an apple spread with peanut butter for example.


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Incorporate stretch breaks

We all tend to get so engrossed in our work when sitting staring at a laptop all day and forget to take frequent breaks, even if it’s just to take a small walk. Try to remember to stand up every hour or two and go for a short walk or do a few basic stretches to stretch everything out. This will help you keep your muscles from becoming too stiff and keeping you flexible.

Above we have mentioned a few healthy habits that you can follow to lead a more healthy and balanced life. Just remember to stay relaxed, get proper sleep and nourishment, and include some movement in your life and your body and mind will thank you.


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