With more and more people opting to workout at home nowadays, there are many options and ways to put together a simple but effective home gym or workout space. There are many benefits to doing it, such as no gym fees, convenience, no traffic and time saving, as well as minimum exposure to other people (during these covid times).

While it can become an expensive feat designing and implementing a gym at home, it all really depends on what you want and need to get a good workout. The great thing is that there is no need to get everything all at once, you can get the basics and slowly add on as time goes on and you get stronger and fitter. See it as a long term investment for you and your health.

A few simple tips to get you going are below:

Find the Right Space 

Before starting, you must decide where you want to set up your home gym. Space must have enough room for a yoga mat with a bit of space around you for a bit of movement at least. This will help you stretch and perform core exercises for instance. For example, for a HIIT workout you might need more space and a stable surface to jump around. Meanwhile, for a Pilates or Yoga workout, you will need a small space to fit your mat. These are things to think about, what kind of workouts you will be doing.

For those who live in apartments, you might want to dedicate a portion of your unused living room to your workouts. Meanwhile, an outdoor space like a patio, back porch, or balcony, if you live in a rental similar to these apartments for rent in Denton for example, can work best if the climate permits. Finally, if you have an empty room or garage that you don’t use, then this can be a perfect space for your home gym.


exercise ball home workout


Determine your Budget 

Creating a home gym is investing in your health. As such, it requires some financial commitment on your end. Before you begin building your workout space, make sure that you establish your budget. Determine the cost that you are willing to spend and know what will work within your space. Remember, there are options available for your budget. Do your research to have an idea of what equipment costs and do comparisons to well known outlets to get the best deals. You can also check home gym equipment Australia for example for your equipment needs and to check prices. 

Check Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist 

Second hand items are sometimes much cheaper than the new ones. You can check Craigslist or Facebook marketplace or Gumtree for used equipment. From these platforms, you can buy secondhand equipment and save money. 

You can find various things like kettle-bells, yoga mats, resistance bands, and other workout accessories and even treadmills, benches, exercise bikes, and much more. Sometimes it does require a few checks over time to find something pop up.


The Fit Five! 5 Simple But Effective Tips On How To Get Into A Fitness Routine At Home


Have a Storage Plan 

Storage is important in packing up your equipment in a small space. Buy a storage container that can slide under your couch or bed. This container can hold your resistance bands, yoga mats, jump rope, and other small pieces to keep them out of the way when not in use, especially if your ‘gym’ space is used for other things. You can also turn your wall into a storage solution. You can do this by hanging an organizer that can keep your bands for instance. 

For your dumbbells, invest in a weight rack. Finally, invest in a heavy-duty corner shelf to hold your weight plates, slam balls, kettlebells, and others.

have a plan

There you have it, a few simple but effective tips to keep in mind and get you going. If you have been through the process and come across any useful tips that others can benefit from be sure to drop a comment below!


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