Having a personal trainer is incredible and there are so many benefits to hiring one. A trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals for one, but they can also play a big part in both your physical and mental/emotional progressions. They do this by providing you with advice, knowledge and motivation, being that person to listen to you but also push you out of your comfort zone in order ot challenge you and get you progressing. Having a trainer is also a great way to stay accountable and to track your progress over time. Most trainers are such motivational people and provide a great quality service to their clients, and usually put their clients well being on the same level as their own, if not ahead of their own well being.

So personal training is wonderful right, yes most of the time. As in all professions you may come across a trainer who does not do all the above things or the cons of the particular trainer outweigh the pros of them. Lets touch on a few of the negatives that one could encounter with some trainers and what you need to look out for.

The negatives of some personal trainers and what to look out for

A personal trainer may be more focused on the numbers of their clients and just want to get as many clients as possible in order to make maximum money, without providing a good quality service to all of them. The trainer will care a lot more about themselves and their money rather than their clients’ health and well being. When dealing with such a trainer, it can have a huge negative effect on many aspects of your life, which no doubt you would rather avoid. If you see that your trainer is always distracted and perhaps even cutting your sessions short by a few minutes, then you need to reconsider the trainer. When they are training you, they need to give you their full attention and help you as needed, as you do not want a case where you are performing an exercise and they are not paying attention and you inure yourself. If such a thing happens to you, remember you can even  get legal help with your injury claim if it wasn’t your fault. 



There are also many people are highly under qualified as trainers, and may even not possess any qualifications, who sell personal training services. Some of such trainers may have competed in bodybuilding or fitness shows and deem themselves fit to coach other people through that. These are the same people that take advice from social media personalities without doing proper research and even scientific research at that. There may be a select few people who have extensive experience solely as their qualification but those are a very select few.

So make sure that you always do some research on the trainer and their qualifications beforehand. Another big red flag would be that the trainer prescribes you a whole bunch of supplements or even steroids from the get go. Also, on the other end of the spectrum, be careful of trainers who prescribe very low calorie diets, where you feel constantly sluggish and tired. This is not healthy and not the way to lose fat or get into shape. To lose fat you still need to eat a good amount of food that provides you with enough calories and energy.


Choosing A Personal And Customized Training Plan: Top Features You Should Look for


Finding the right trainer

Ultimately when choosing a trainer be sure to do your research on them and their qualifications. See if you can speak to some of their existing clients or past clients if you can. Also speak to other people who may be regular gym goers and have seen how the trainer acts and trains other people to get more of an idea of them. Another thing to remember is to try to do your own research where you can.

If a trainer prescribes you anything go and research it and find out what you can on it just to double check what you are putting into your body. This can also go for workouts or form of exercises. If something does not feel right make sure to not push it aside.


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