Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic that affects most countries around the world, health experts recommend proper health hygiene at all times. Washing hands frequently with soap and water is necessary to avoid the spread of the disease since bacteria and viruses tend to cling to this part of the body. If you cannot find a hygienic source of water nearby, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggested using a hand sanitiser

Since thoroughly cleaned hands are essential in preventing infection of the dreaded virus, here is vital hand sanitiser information that you need to know so you will understand its importance in the fight against COVID-19. You can also buy them from zero waste shops to help reduce your plastic waste, or just stick to soap and wash as often as you can.

How Does a Hand Sanitiser Work? 

Germs and viruses will dissolve using a hand sanitiser due to its alcohol content. Most brands contain different types of disinfectant alcohols like isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, or both. These components are effective in killing germs and bacteria through denaturing the protein-built outer coverings of the microbes and dissolving the bacteria’s membranes according to a study published by the Clinical Microbiology Reviews

The CDC recommended using a hand sanitiser that contains approximately 60% alcohol to get rid of viruses effectively. But you can also look for others with 75% and higher alcohol content for more efficiency.  

How To Use Hand Sanitisers? 

Before you apply a hand sanitiser solution on your hand, you must ensure that it is free from any grimes or dirt. Some studies claimed that it could perform its sanitising duties in getting rid of germs well on slightly soiled hands. 

However, it would help to remember that a hand sanitiser might not be as effective when applied when the skin is very greasy or filled with dirt when doing manual labour. For this reason, it would be ideal to use hand sanitisers in indoor settings. You must also use it when visiting hospitals or doctor’s clinics to prevent the spread of various illnesses. 


Are Hand Sanitisers Effective In Battling COVID-19? Hand Sanitiser Tips


How Long Do Hand Sanitisers Last? 

Because of their alcohol content, hand sanitiser products do not expire. Yet you will find an expiration date printed on the product’s label or bottle because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires mentioning the date of expiration on the packaging. 

Still, you must keep in mind that alcohol usually evaporates easily due to its low boiling point. It means that the alcohol content of your hand sanitiser will vanish little by little each time you open and close the bottle. So much as possible, consume the content of your hand sanitiser bottle several days after you first opened it. 

Is It Safe To Swallow Hand Sanitisers? 

Fake reports are claiming that people can take hand sanitisers orally to prevent the COVID-19 infection. But it can be dangerous since swallowing more than two tablespoons of this substance can cause alcohol poisoning. 

For this reason, you need to keep bottles of hand sanitisers away from children to avoid accidental consumption. Kids are normally attracted to these products because of their colorful packaging and inviting scents. It is also important to use child-resistant caps so kids will have a hard time opening a hand sanitiser bottle. 


Are Hand Sanitisers Effective In Battling COVID-19? Hand Sanitiser Tips


Aside from using hand sanitisers, you must also avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes when out in public. If you need to sneeze or cough, you must cover your mouth and nose with napkins. Most importantly, you must stay home as much as possible and practice social distancing to avoid contracting the disease. 

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