So often I hear people who are looking to get in shape, lose some weight, or gain some quality muscle ask a very broad question, “Which is the best exercise to do?” It may seem like good question but unfortunately there really is no perfect or one particular answer to it. I’m sure you have heard of the infamous compound lifts and maybe that’s what you’re expecting to hear as an answer to that question;

Squats” or “deadlifts are the best as they target your whole body.”

It is understandable that we may think there is an answer to the question or that those compound exercises are the answer, in this day and age because of the constant ‘brain washing‘ we subject ourselves to. Every advert we see or every article we read in magazines, they are promising that there is some ‘super food‘ that we need to eat to be super healthy, or there is just one exercise or one quick and easy workout you can do, or product you can use in under 5 minutes to lose weight.

Once you’ve tried all these marketing gimmicks, only then do you realize it is all an illusion. The answer is, it really depends.


Is There A Single Best Exercise For You?


Firstly, it depends on what your goal is, what exactly you want to achieve. Even then, once you have a goal set, there is still no single, perfect exercise or exercise regiment that we can all use to get there.

It is a combination of various exercises (and much more, like eating the right foods for your body for example) that need to work together in order to achieve that goal.

You need to experiment and see what works best for you and then as you go on a small change every now and again will keep you progressing.

So don’t fall prey to the marketing, do your research and if you can, even get the services of a good trainer to start you off.


Is There A Single Best Exercise For You?


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