Melissa Kannigan is a vegan athlete who has competed in multiple ifbb competitions. She and I managed to put together a short video of some of her training that she did on the Umhlanga promenade in Durban.

For me, it was just really fun recording the video and putting it all together (I hope her having to train in the wind was just as fun :p ). We only managed to get a few small clips, as the wind on the day was quite strong and because of that we did not spend as much time as we would have wanted to, and get other shots that we had planned to. 

Check out the video below, oh and there may be a bit too much slo-motion in it, but I think it’s cool :p 

The video was shot entirely on the Xiaomi Mi8 smartphone #shoybymi 



We also took a few cool shots on the beach just near the iconic pier in Umhlanga, Durban. Check out the FitNish Unsplash account for all the pictures!


Umhlanga Training With Beyond The Bikini, Melissa Kannigan

Umhlanga Training With Beyond The Bikini, Melissa Kannigan


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