The Truth About Vegan Bodybuilding And Diet, Myths DEBUNKED!

Jon Venus is a vegan fitness athlete and Youtuber, showing that the bodybuilding lifestyle can be achieved while following a 100% plant-based diet. If you have been thinking about becoming vegetarian or vegan but are unsure about many things just as we all are at first, then these videos are perfect for you. Jon and his brother go into quite a few useful questions and points about being vegan and shatter a lot of common myths and stereotypes about the topic.

The biggest problem in the world is that marketing forces society to believe something in order to sell certain products, and 90% of the time it’s not the truth. Remember to do your research and never stop learning.

VEGAN Bodybuilding and Diet – THE TRUTH:

  • Is it possible to build muscle on a vegan diet?
  • Is it necessary to get extra protein from protein powder?
  • Where can you get protein from?
  • The truth about protein amounts.
  • Is animal protein the most complete?
  • Milk and calcium?
  • What about fish?
  • Testosterone boosting with cholesterol from eggs?
  • Should we NOT fear carbs?
  • Fat intake.

Vegan Bodybuilding and Diet Myths, DEBUNKED:

  • Vegans are denying your biology?
  • Seafood is great in Japan?
  • The polluted ocean.
  • Calcium from milk?
  • Should we drink mother’s milk?
  • Vegans can never get big as a ‘real’ person.
  • Carbs and fat intake for vegans? And insulin spikes?
  • Eskimos have been eating meat for ages.
  • Omega 3s from plants?


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