jkrowling facts story

Did you ever find yourself working so hard, for so long and it was as if nothing was resulting from all the tiresome hours of work? Did you sit and think that you may be wasting your time? That no one really cares about what you are doing. But you do it because YOU believe in it.

It is that belief that keeps you going, even when you falter a little bit. No one else has to believe in you or your idea, as long as you keep believing! Don’t stop now, get up one more time, try that one more time and you may surprise even yourself.

We all go through trying times where giving up becomes very apparent and think we are never going to make it. Just as these champions and motivators started out and experienced tough times, the difference is they pushed on and kept going through the tough times which is how they came out on top.

So here are various facts about a few widely known superstars and may just be the inspiration you need!

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