10 Motivational South African Female Athletes You Should Be Following!

With the fitness and health industry rapidly expanding and growing in South Africa and in the world, there are more and more great people following the lifestyle and in turn motivating many others. In part 1 of this series, check out some of the top, and up and coming females in the industry who you probably should be following if motivation is what you seek! Male edition coming soon as well.

*(In no particular order)

1. jenadine havenga

 jenadine havenga  jenadine havenga

Follow her: misspta09

2. lizelle horn

lizelle horn

Follow her: Lizelle Horn

3. laura danielz

 laura danielz  laura danielz

Follow her: Laura Danielz Wbff Pro

4. stacey shutte

stacey shutte

Follow her: Stacey Shutte

5. roxy barker

roxy barker roxy barker

Follow her: Roxy Barker

6. Natascha Oosthuizen

 Natascha Oosthuizen

 Natascha Oosthuizen

Follow her: Natascha Oosthuizen

7. monique lopes

 monique lopes  monique lopes

Follow her: Monique Lopes

8. leana viviers

leana viviers leana

Follow her: Leana Viviers

9. Tarryn Jarvis

Tarryn Jarvis Tarryn Jarvis

Follow her: Tarryn Jarvis

10. Chantell kelly

Chantell kellyChantell kelly

Follow her: Chantell Kelly

10 Motivational SA MALE Athletes!

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