It has been a difficult period for most of us. The pandemic has limited the movement of not only people but economies too. Generally, activity levels have been at an all-time low. Many people are working from home or even doing nothing at all. Ultimately, fitness levels have dropped. 

With lots of people at home, it can be hard to go through any fitness-related activities. There is always the temptation to eat unhealthy food and drinks. Also, the sedentary lifestyle means that many people are rooted in their couches and beds all day, binge-watching their favorite shows.  Even athletes are culpable in this situation. Many sports were on hold for months, and their activity levels dropped. As much as they engaged in some form of exercise at home, it is a far cry compared to the level of preparation they put in when they’re preparing to compete. 

However, you also realize the dangers associated with this lifestyle. It is why many want to regain their fitness level regardless of whether they’re athletes or regular people. For some, they were never fit, although it isn’t too late to achieve a top fitness level

Before you start any fitness program, there are questions you should ask yourself or any fitness expert. Therefore, we’ll review the top five most commonly asked questions and offer professional answers. Let’s get started. 

Question 1: How do I start my exercise routine again and remain consistent?

When you stop an activity for a long while, or you’ve never engaged in it, starting again or entirely is harder than it seems. However, once you begin, the process becomes more manageable. Therefore the first step is starting. But how?

Before you begin, you need to set feasible goals for yourself. A tailored fitness plan will help you achieve your goals. Next, start with light exercises. Remember that it’s a new beginning. Therefore, you should not rush yourself. Also, have low expectations of what you’re doing. 

You can purchase equipment that will aid your fitness cause too. For consistency, you’ll need fitness productivity apps that will help you stay on track. If you’re an athlete, you can hire a sports nutritionist who has a sports nutrition certification to ensure you eat healthily. 

Ultimately, focus on getting better and more energetic. The rest will come in naturally. 


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Question 2: Which exercise routine do I start with? 

People are usually confused about the fitness routine to start with first. They’re torn between doing weights and cardio. Summarily, you can start with any of them. Often people try both routines until they find the pattern that works for them best. 

If you’re opting for weights first make sure you get your body ready by warming up first to mitigate the risk of burnout. To make a more informed decision, you should start with the routine you find boring and more challenging. If you love doing weights, you should begin your fitness program with cardio. When you’re done with cardio, you won’t be too tired to do weights because you enjoy doing it. 

If you feel uninterested in anything, do cardio first. It’ll pump up your heartbeat and increase your blood pressure.  

Question 3: How do I stay motivated? 

Honestly, it isn’t staying on machines or doing different exercises for hours without feeling an urge to give up. Even the beginning can be tough. The thought of leaving the comfort of your bed to exercise is just sad. However, it would help if you achieved fitness for the sake of good health. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you stay motivated. First you need to step out of your comfort zone. Achieving fitness is tasking, and you need to make yourself uncomfortable to be productive. 

You can also get a workout partner. It is easier to exercise if there are other people involved. If you can you could also enroll in a gym. Gym instructors will hold you accountable, and you’ll have to complete sessions. Furthermore, it is beneficial to hire a personal trainer who will focus on helping you achieve fitness and motivate you as well.

You can also listen to upbeat sounds and songs that give you energy. 


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Question 4: How often should I exercise? 

There is no definite time for you to engage in exercises. However, it should not be too short. Also, your workout time depends on the purpose and your schedule. 

Fitness experts have recommended that the average person should engage in fitness activities of moderate intensity for at least two hours and thirty minutes every week. These activities are designed to help a person maintain optimal weight and stop unnecessary weight gain. 

The duration can be spread among different days. You can add a day’s space between them. However for people with specific needs, e.g., obese people, the recommended minimum time is four hours and ten minutes, which should be spread all throughout the week. 

It is necessary to mention that exercise should be accompanied by good nutrition. It is futile working out and eating unhealthy foods. 

Question 5: What can I do if I’m too busy to exercise

This question is commonly asked by 9-5ers and entrepreneurs who hardly ever have time for any other thing apart from their work and business. Understandably, they do not have the luxury of waking up early to work out at home or hit the gym. They’re hardly ever available in the evening to exercise. 

However, there are fitness routines you can follow if you fall into this category. Skip the elevators and opt to walk all the way up regardless of the floor you’re going. Also, walk during your break.

You can also purchase mini ellipticals to place under your worktable and pedal away while working. You won’t notice that you’re doing anything while at it. Take your fitness routines seriously by following our answers religiously, and you’ll achieve full fitness in no time.         


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