If you are starting a more healthy diet to meet your health goals, certain decisions can hinder your progress. Here are a few basic mistakes to lookout for and to avoid when embarking on this journey. Are you thinking of going on a diet to shed some pounds? Well, you’re not the only one! Up to 50 percent of people in America try to lose weight every single year. And changing what you eat is one of the best ways to do it!

Unfortunately, many people make certain mistakes that are detrimental to their healthy endeavors. Want to know what they are so you can steer clear of them? Keep reading to discover five beginner mistakes to avoid. 

1. Setting Unrealistic Goals

Many people who start a new diet have unrealistic expectations. Full of motivation, they aim to lose a crazy amount of weight in a tiny time-frame. Unfortunately, setting your sights too high can quickly make you disillusioned and resentful.

You realize that losing weight takes time and commitment!

Fed up that you aren’t shedding pounds as quickly as you wanted, it’s tempting to give up altogether. Avoid that fate by being more realistic from the outset.



2. Opting for a Crash Diet

This celebrity’s eating nothing but cabbage soup. That celebrity swears by a ‘Hollywood Juice’ diet. The one over there consumes eggs, eggs, and more eggs. It seems like a new fad diet hits the scene every week! And, sometimes, slashing your calories so dramatically can result in rapid loss of weight. Sadly, your metabolism slows to a halt too and you end up gaining weight when the diet’s over. Worse still, restricting your diet in such extreme ways can lead to chronic health problems as well. Remember that it is a life style change and it does take time, there are no quick fixes!

3. Failing to Work With Others

Anybody who’s trying dieting before knows how tricky it can be. That’s why going it alone can be so tough. There’s no-one there to keep you motivated, help you through the tough times, and give you a push when you need it.

Teaming up with other people who want to lose weight will be a mighty help. You’ll both support and hold each accountable. The result? You’re all more likely to shed the weight you want!


Woman lifting weights with female trainer in gym


4. Having a House-Full of Unhealthy Snacks

Snacking can be kryptonite to any attempts at cutting calories. But it’s even worse when the cupboards are full of unhealthy options! All those delectable cakes, biscuits, and sweets are the last thing you need when you’re trying to lose weight. The best way to cut down on your snacking is to remove the temptation. Stop buying unhealthy snacks.

If they aren’t in the kitchen, then you can’t eat them!

5. Forgetting the Booze and Fizzy Drinks

Many new dieters eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, sources of protein, and sources of vitamins and key nutrients. They establish portion sizes, cut their calories, and find a meal plan that works.
But then they fail to cut down on calorific alcohol and sodas and even common fruit juices! Avoid falling into that trap. Limiting your intake of sugar-filled drinks is super important in your bid to lose weight too.

Avoid These Newbie Mistakes from the get go

Every year, millions of people go on diets in an attempt to shed some pounds. Unfortunately, all too many of us make certain mistakes that jeopardize our efforts! Hopefully, this post will help anybody starting a diet or meal plan to avoid that fate and meet their weight-loss goals.

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