CrossFit gyms are gaining more popularity worldwide and are also known as ‘boxes.’ It is a particular type of high-intensity power fitness (HIPT) regime. Some of the significant forms of workouts that are parts of HIPT include plyometric jumping, explosive strength movements, kettlebells, and Olympic weightlifting.

In this article, you will learn about some of the benefits of practicing a CrossFit regime. There are many different ways to train and many types of workouts to follow, you need to experiment and see what works for you and more importantly what you enjoy doing. for instance offers a lot of information on different forms of workouts and fitness equipment.

Why is a CrossFit regime a good choice?

Improves your physical strength

Due to the high-intensity routine that includes intense multi-joint movements, your stamina and muscle strength will considerably improve. Moreover, adding extra weight during a workout will stress your muscles even more, resulting in muscle gain. 

If you like to experiment with your workout regime, you can opt for the WOD (workout of the day) routine. It means you can practice an entirely new set of exercises every day and challenge yourself. This is a CrossFit signature style, and new activities are available every day. The biggest challenge here is that you will have to repeat a regime as many times within a given period. 


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It helps to improve aerobic fitness

The HIPT or high-intensity power fitness regime is the best way of improving the level of VO2 in the body. It means that the level of oxygen can be maximized the most during the workout duration. However, there is still a research gap regarding a solid conclusion regarding the long and short-term benefits of CrossFit concerning aerobic services and physiological changes. 

Better agility, flexibility, and balance

Functional workouts and movements often inspire CrossFit exercise routines. So, you are practicing everyday activities at a super-high intensity level. Some functional movements that improve agility, flexibility, and balance include overhead presses, kettlebell swings, and squats. Practicing CrossFit and most exercises regularly also enhances the quality of life while you are aging and lowers injury risks. 


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Weight management and calories burning

Fitness experts believe that CrossFit routines can burn more calories than most other forms of exercise. Usually, a 165-pound woman and a 195-pound male will burn approximately 15 and 18 calories per minute, respectively. 

When you practice a CrossFit routine regularly, it is possible to burn calories even during the recovery period. It is more than the average 9 and 11 calories per minute if you use traditional weight lifting methods. If your ultimate goal is to lose weight, then the best idea is to follow a healthy diet and regular HIPT movements. 



Is it safe to practice CrossFit?

As already mentioned, a CrossFit routine includes high-intensity movements. Therefore, the injury risk always increases whenever you are increasing the amount of weight you lift or the exercise pace. Some of the most common CrossFit injuries include tennis elbow, knee injuries, Achilles tendonitis, rotator cuff injury, and lower back pain. 

Despite all of these, a HIPT CrossFit routine’s benefits look to overshadow the risks. The only advice is that you must practice these movements under the supervision of an expert, especially if you are a beginner, and do not chase the weight. First and foremost focus on good form and control.


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