If you’ve ever tried losing weight through exercise, you must know how hard it can be. Especially when it comes to those last few pounds you need to drop to get in to the shape you always wanted. The reason for this is fairly simple. To successfully lose weight, besides exercise, you will also need to make a few basic lifestyle changes.

Implement a Healthier Diet Plan

Your first step toward getting in shape will be making better food choices. A good strategy to employ is to have three to five smaller but filling meals during the day, and one of those meals should always be after you exercise. When you work out, your muscles use energy, and this will deplete your sources. To prevent impulse snacking later, you should replenish your glycogen sources by having a balanced meal of complex carbs and protein after each workout session.

Getting and staying in shape is only possible if you build enough muscle mass to burn off excess energy. To achieve this, you will have to consume fairly protein-rich meals consisting of lean protein sources. Getting your fiber and minerals from whole grains, fruit, and veggies will ensure your insulin always stays at a healthy level. Through this you will always have enough energy to exercise even if you live a busy lifestyle.


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Change Up Your Exercise Routine

One of the reasons you may not see results fast enough from your exercise session is because you are not putting enough pressure on your muscles. When you exercise, your muscles strain and even tear down to rebuild themselves again. Making your muscles go through these cycles will make them stronger and bigger, but it only works if you constantly increase (even slightly) the strain you put on them. 

While one of the fastest ways to get in shape is something like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise, the most effective one is actually weight lifting. Combining the two can get you the best results and make sure you stay in shape as well. Do some research about different exercises and fitness equipment to find the perfect option for you. Whatever specific activity you choose, it’s important you enjoy it, as this will motivate you further. Try to get in at least two sessions of weight training every week and at least two cardio or HIIT style workout sessions.

Set Attainable Goals For Yourself

Every person’s metabolism works differently, so their diet and exercise results will progress at a different rate as well. Plus, busy lifestyles often slow down or stall any progress towards getting in shape, which can be frustrating. If you want to get yourself in shape successfully, it’s vital to set goals you can complete in due time. 

It’s also important that these goals be measurable in more ways than just in numbers. Yes, the number on the scale or in completed reps can be quite satisfying. However, being able to wear clothes you always wanted or being healthier is far more motivating. It will empower you to push yourself harder and achieve positive results much quicker. If you encountered problems with achieving fitness goals before, reflect on those issues and identify a better way to obtain your goal this time.

Have a Good Support System

Because we humans are social beings, we can achieve everything more successfully if we surround ourselves with people who support us. Avoiding negative influences and having like-minded people around you is very beneficial for your weight loss progress.

Working out with people who already achieved the results you want, will keep you motivated for sure. Or, you can find a friend who is at the same fitness level as you and get in shape together. The two of you can be each other’s support system, and lift each other up, if for nothing else, for competition’s sake. An even better option is to find a workout buddy who knows a lot more about training than you do. Depending on your budget, you should also consider hiring a personal trainer to help you get quick results.


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By implementing these simple habits into your everyday life, you will never have to worry about the weight coming back after you have managed to lose it because the secret to getting in shape faster and staying that way is consistency. If you consistently make decisions that affect your diet and lifestyle positively, your results will be permanently positive too.


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