Crossfit has taken some heat over the years for some of their training methods, but the principles behind the regime are still good. Some people love it some people not so much. It’s important to find what you enjoy and find stimulating. One of the great aspects of it, is that people like the group workout part of it where you can train with other people and get to follow the workouts and beat personal bests. Just be careful and do not compromise exercise form in the pursuit of beating your bests and for too heavy weights. Make sure to build up slowly and enjoy the process.

Exercise has long been touted as an important step to take in order to lead a long and healthy lifestyle, yet until relatively recently, the effect it had on our cells was unknown. A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism has finally made it possible to comprehend how exercise – and high-intensity interval exercises carried out in programs such as CrossFit – can help delay ageing. Additional research, meanwhile, has shown that CrossFit-type training keeps you young in an additional way – by boosting the memory and helping stave off dementia.


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The Cellular Effects Of High-Intensity Interval Training

In the above-mentioned study, high intensity interval training was found to stimulate cell production of protein for energy-producing mitochondria and ribosomes (whose main function is to build protein). Optimal mitochondrial function is key to staying young; a decline in its quality and activity is found in normal ageing, and is linked to the development of various diseases.

In their study, the researchers found that although strength training is effective at building muscle mass, high-intensity interval training actually brought about the biggest benefits at a cellular (and anti-ageing) level. If you are already enamored by CrossFit, the good news is that because your workout includes HIIT and Olympic weight lifting movements, you are doing plenty to keep ageing at bay and to improve both muscle and bone strength.

CrossFit Is Easy And Relatively Inexpensive

You don’t really need any fancy equipment to perform a CrossFit routine. Your gym will have all you need – including kettlebells, ropes, and heavy sacks. As far as appropriate CrossFit workout wear is concerned, concentrate on light, breathable outfits that wick sweat away. If you train at home as well, invest in a few free weights and kettle bells, as well as in a good foam roller to massage overworked muscles.


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Can CrossFit Help Keep Your Mind Young Too?

Although specific studies have not been carried out on the effects of CrossFit on the brain, research has been conducted on one of its main components – HIIT. A study published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism found that seniors completing high intensity workouts saw a 30% improvement in memory performance.

Another study by scientists at the University of California – Davis Health System – found that people who exercise enjoy better mental fitness as well. This is because intense or vigorous exercise increases levels of two important neurotransmitters – glutamate and GABA. These neurotransmitters are responsible for chemical messaging in the brain, yet their levels tend to be depleted in people with depression and other psychiatric disorders.

The high-intensity interval exercises that form a core component of CrossFit have been shown to help keep ageing at bay and to help boost mental health. The good news is that if you are already an assiduous HIIT or CrossFit fan, science has shown that you probably already have a high level of intrinsic motivation – therefore, you are likely to stick to this tough workout regime.


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The point is

Research has shown that high intensity interval training isn’t for everyone – after all, we all have different personalities and reasons for working out. However,  if a challenging workout in the presence of ultra-committed, supportive friends sounds like your idea of a fun day at the gym, head to your nearest box and discover how good it can feel to push yourself to achieve new goals.


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