Did you know that the top reason why Americans don’t work out more is that they don’t have enough time in the day?

If you’re someone who can muster up the motivation to work out, you might be in a rush to get home and relax after. Although exercising is crucial for staying healthy, learning what to do after workouts can also have a huge impact on your results and your recovery.

1. Cool Down After a Workout

If you don’t know what to do after working out, you should always take some time to cool down. Cool down exercises, such as a gentle yoga flow or a five minute jog, can help minimize soreness and get your body and mind ready to transition back into your normal day.

2. Use a Foam Roller

The second step in your post-workout routine should be laying on a foam roller. Foam rolling may seem silly at first, but once you try it, you’ll be amazed by much better you feel after. Foam rolling is great for alleviating muscle tension and soreness.

3. Load Up on Protein and Other Nutrients

Working out takes a toll on your body, so you can do yourself a big favor by eating a nutritious snack within 30 minutes of exercising. Protein is necessary for building stronger muscles, but you should also focus on replenishing other nutrients like magnesium.

Fruit, nut butters, whole wheat toast, and yogurt are some excellent examples of healthy snacks.


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4. Stay Hydrated

Everyone knows that they should drink water while they work out, but it’s also important to continue to drink even after your heart rate is back to normal. The reason why is because most people don’t hydrate enough in the midst of a workout. This tool can help you figure out the ideal amount of water you need to drink to rehydrate.

5. Keep a Journal of Your Workouts

Not only will journaling help you keep track of how many calories you burn, but you’ll also have an easier time figuring out how to challenge yourself more in the future. You can write your workouts in an actual journal, or you can keep things digital by logging everything on your phone’s notes or a fitness app.

6. Take a Cool Shower

Cold showers are an acquired taste, but they can work wonders for your recovery time. Taking a cold shower is also a great way to clear your head and keep your mind sharp.


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7. Get Some Restorative Sleep

Depending on when you work out, you may want to take a nap before or after you exercise to give your body enough time to rest. If you’re not much of a napper, it’s crucial to get at least 8 hours of deep sleep each night so your body can repair itself.


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Learning About the Best Thing to Do After a Workout Is Important

Now that you have an idea of what some of the best things that you should be doing after a workout are, you can take your fitness routine to the next level.


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