You must have met people who go on and on about the benefits of yoga. They could be so convincing that you may get tempted to try it out and, before you know it, you find may yourself signing up for yoga classes. Unfortunately, what most people fail to tell you is how sore you can get after yoga, especially if it’s your first time. Despite being a low impact form of exercise, yoga can leave you with sore muscles, which in fact is quite normal.

However, there is no reason why sore muscles should keep you away from yoga. Muscle soreness is mostly seen in beginners or people who are resuming yoga after a long break.

Understanding the Reason Behind the Soreness

So, you are done with your first yoga class and are almost sure that you will never go back because of the sore muscles that you didn’t expect. But before you quit, you need to understand the reason behind the soreness.

Soreness is a natural part of the muscle recovery process which occurs when the muscles get taxed during yoga or exercise. It is a sign that the muscles are trying to repair and rebuild themselves. An important thing to keep in mind is that there is good soreness (part of muscle recovery) and bad soreness (a result of muscle being injured).


A Few Tips For Recovering After Yoga


Let’s get into a little more detail – your muscles are made of numerous individual fibers that can contract (which strengthens the muscle) and relax (which stretches the muscle). When the muscle contracts and relaxes repeatedly, it will get strained. This results in the muscles feeling sore the next day and you not wanting to leave bed.

Soreness indicates that your muscles are building and slowing getting used to the yoga poses, a good reason to get off the bed and head to the yoga class. Once you start doing yoga regularly, you will notice that muscle stiffness will lessen with every class. One way to avoid muscle soreness is to pay attention to your form while doing yoga.

5 Effective Tips for Recovery


Getting enough Zzzzzs

There is no better cure than sleep. The body hits the reset mode, and repairs and heals itself when you sleep. With enough rest and 7-8 hours of sleep, the soreness will be alleviated.

Compress and Elevate

Elevating your legs after a rigorous session of yoga helps in circulation. Invest in compression gear like copper compression gloves as they help in reducing muscular swelling and pain that you may experience after a difficult yoga class.

A Relaxing Massage

A soothing massage at the end of a yoga session definitely sounds like an incredible idea but there is another great reason to book an appointment with them – it helps in quick recovery. Massages reduce cytokines which play an important role in pain and inflammation.

Moreover, a good massage also increases the mitochondrial activity, thus speeding up the healing process at a cellular level.

Get Some Heat

Stepping into a hot shower will relax you and your muscles alike. If the soreness is localized to one spot, press it gently with a hot water bag.

Nourishing your body

Remember to feed your body with the right nutrients in order for it to function optimally and recover effectively.


A Few Tips For Recovering After Yoga


A sure-shot way to relieve muscle pain is to stretch before and after yoga. Once yoga becomes a part of your daily fitness regime, you will notice that the body starts adapting to new movements.

A session of the same intensity will make you less sore over time if you keep up the practice. And soon you will find yourself raving about yoga to everyone you meet!


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