A Simple Way To Not Waste Extra Vegetables and Fruit

Do you ever go to the grocery store and sometimes end up buying a whole trolley full of fresh fruit and vegetables because you couldn’t make up your mind on what fruit you actually wanted so you just took a bit of everything?  Then you get home and after a week or so most of it has not been eaten and is starting to go off.  So you end up throwing most of it away.  Well here’s an extremely simple way of keeping those vegetables and fruit for a little while longer.

Juice them!

What I mean is this.  When you see some fresh produce of yours starting to go off; for example let’s take carrots or peppers, or even apples.  Take them and stick them in a blender/juicer and blend them up (with the skin on if its edible), then pour into a container or into a zip lock plastic bag and stick it straight in the freezer.  This way you can have a nice natural, healthy juice whenever you want and you avoid letting your produce go to waste.

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juice
Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juice

Most vegetables and fruits cannot really be frozen, since when you defrost them they can come out all soggy.  Believe me I tried.  Don’t ever freeze a cucumber!

There are also many combinations of fruit and vegetables you can try making a juice out of.  You just need to find the ones which you like the taste of and stick with those.

Some combinations can be:
Apples and carrots
Banana and mango
Mango and orange and carrots
Beetroot and carrots
Cucumbers and lemon and Kiwi

But when all else fails just close your eyes and throw some stuff in and see how it tastes!

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