With the severe drought and water crisis in Cape Town, we should all become aware about preserving precious worldly resources such as water. When you actually think about it and monitor these sort of things daily, which we use and take for granted, only then do you realize just how much we use and waste unnecessarily. It really puts things into perspective.

The great news is that if we all do our part and become more conscious about certain things, we can make sure we use only what we really need to and reduce our wastage.

Just remember to be conscious every time you open a tap!

Here’s a few basic tips that you can start to implement in your daily routine.


Saving Water, Practical Tips To Save Water!


Simple water saving tips:

  • Don’t leave taps running when doing other things, such as brushing your teeth, washing dishes etc.
  • Be conscious when washing your hands, and again don’t leave the tap running.
  • Flush toilets only when very necessary. (One flush uses around +-10 Liters of water)
  • Half Fill the sink with water and wash dishes in it rather than keeping the tap running while washing.
  • Use water saving cycles on washing machines.
  • Keep water (grey water) from washing machines to use for toilets etc.
  • If you can, purchase drinking water from shops (or specific points).
  • Try check how much water you actually use.

While Showering:

  • Keep a bucket in the shower to collect water. You can use that water for toilets etc.
  • Open the water, once wet switch off the shower. Lather up, and then open the water again to rinse.
  • Have a sponge bath every now and again.


Saving Water, Practical Tips To Save Water!


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