If you have been moving along with your training, but you feel that you need something, you know that little something more. That something you cannot quite describe, but you know deep down that you need it. In order to push you a little to move out your comfortable training routine.

Well I have just the thing for you to rev up your workout routine. I too was in that space where I was just going through the motions at gym and not really pushing myself and maximizing my time, so then I decided I needed to do something, and I came up with this.


The Workout Recipe To Push Your Workouts To The Next Level And Maximize Your Gym Time!


It’s a pretty simple workout recipe, called the Flexible Max recipe or FMR (quite original I know). It’s split into upper body and lower body recipes. It is basically made to help with a few things:

  • Work multiple muscle groups, increasing blood flow and intensity.
  • Save time and maximize your training time.
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion. (No more using the excuse that you got lazy at the end of your workout to stretch or train your core).
  • Strengthen your core.
  • Build up your stamina.
  • Change up your routine and add variety.

The Flexible Max recipe:

For upper body:

  • (The leg exercises are all body weight exercises)

1 Weighted exercise

Superset with:
1 x leg exercise
1x stretch (for time or pulses)
1x core exercise (for time or reps)

For example you could do something like this:

  • 1. Exercise 1: Flat bench press

Superset with:

  • Bench crunches
  • Squat holds (20 secs)
  • Forward fold stretch (20 bounces)


  • 2. Exercise 2: Flat bench flyes

Superset with:

  • Dish hold (10 – 20 seconds)
  • Jumping alternating lunges
  • Lizzard pose, each leg. (30 seconds)


The Workout Recipe To Push Your Workouts To The Next Level And Maximize Your Gym Time!


For lower body:

  • (The upper body exercises are all bodyweight exercises)

1 Weighted exercise

Superset with:
1 x upper body exercise (e.g. push ups)
1x stretch
1x core exercise

 Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you or if you have any questions about putting it all together ?

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