Most of us may have seen boxers train through television, online streams, or in real life. The speed bag is one of the most important workout equipment boxers have for their training. While using a speed bag may look easy when you watch boxers do their thing, it can be challenging to start with speed bag workouts. 

However, once you get used to the routine you get the amazing benefits of better hand-eye coordination and well-toned upper body muscles. To give you a good idea of how to get started with a speed bag, we share some basic knowledge on what you should know about speed bag workouts.

Speed Bag Workouts are Good for Fitness Routines

Contrary to the common belief that boxing only emphasizes upper body fitness, especially the biceps, triceps, and other muscle groups in the arm, boxing workouts offer a holistic approach where all your major muscle groups are worked out. Plus, you get strength training, endurance training, and core exercises rolled into one. The speed bag workout is an essential part of many fitness workout routines. 

It helps develop hand speed by keeping up with the rebound speed of the bag. As a beginner, you may have a hard time making consistent hits on a speed bag, but with some help from a fitness coach, gym instructor, boxing instructional videos, or similar resources like these, you can apply the correct stance and position to get a comfortable starting rhythm to start this workout. You may start slow in the first few days of your speed bag workout, but once you get a hang of the rhythm you can gradually adjust the speed and build up the training intensity.


punching bag speed bag boxing


You Gain Multiple Benefits from Speed Bag Workout

Introducing a speed bag workout to your boxing fitness routine, whether you are a fitness enthusiast or striving to become a professional boxer can give you significant benefits.

Better hand-eye coordination

It can be challenging to establish a good punching rhythm at first, but once you regularly practice with a speed bag, you’ll be able to easily adjust your eye’s perception speed to match your punch speed or power. You can keep hitting your speed bag no matter which angle it lands once your eyes are well coordinated with your hand movements.

Enhanced arm and shoulder endurance

Keeping both your arms up with gloves on can be tiring during your first few sessions, but when you regularly keep up the training you develop endurance in the muscle groups in your arm and shoulders as you repeatedly use quick and continuous movements.

Increased punching speed

True to its name the speed bag develops how quickly you deliver your punches. The swiveling and rebounding movements of the speed bag, train you to keep up with the pace and rhythm of your hitting on the bag. The faster you hit the bag, the faster it rebounds and you’ll need to pull the second and subsequent punches at the same speed level to create a consistent rhythm.

Increased punching power

Another misconception about speed bags is that they only develop punching speed and agility. They can also be used to develop punch strength. You can work on power punches by adjusting the rhythm to more than one rebound before taking the next punch. Gradually increase your punching power by allowing the bag to bounce back twice or more before punching it again. This way, you are working your way to making solid punches.


punching bag speed bag boxing


You Need Basic Workout Gear for Speed Bag Workouts

No matter what type of workout routine you are doing it is necessary to wear at least the basic workout gear to avoid injuries and discomfort during workouts. Speed bags may seem harmless, but you’ll risk injuring your head and hands without the proper gear. These inflated bags rebound at the speed or power of the punch applied to it, so it is best to be careful and wear basic workout gear. 

  • Hand wrap or boxing gloves – additional padding around your fists help cushion your skin and bones from the repeated blows or rebounds of the speed bag. They also prevent developing blisters after the workout. Always raise your unused hand near your face during the workout for added protection and to develop a defensive stance.
  • Boxing shoes – good shoes help develop your footwork while you work out with a speed bag. It is a great combination for developing both lower by and upper body strength at the same time.
  • Speed bag – you can’t complete your speed bag workout without one. There are speed bags available at gyms near you or you can buy one and install it at your home.
  • Timer – you’ll need a timer to set and keep track of the duration of your workout rounds per session.
  • Music (optional) – if you want to get pumped up or if you need music that jives with your punching rhythm, you can incorporate music as well.


punching bag speed bag boxing


Speed bag workouts are light and complex exercises that help you work up a good sweat and give you many benefits. The good thing about this workout is that it only needs basic gear to get started and you can control the duration of your workout sessions. Flexibility and relative comfort in your speed bag workout can keep it in your regular workout routine.


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