The definition of a fitness routine, workout, and getting in shape has changed over the years. Most of us work from home due to the ongoing pandemic, and things are not looking up. The outside world seems to be on pause, and we need to find ways to stay in shape while at home. 

Are you thinking of working out at home and not sure if it would be as fun and effective as a gym workout? We have a list of workouts you could do from the comfort of your home. Don’t worry. You would not have to invest in a home gym setup or expensive equipment. All you need are a pair of dumbbells to get back in shape and ramp up your strength and health. 

Goblet Squat

A pair of dumbbells are all you need to get fit and in shape. There are different types of home workout with dumbbells that you could try with no professional training. The Goblet Squat is one such workout that would strengthen several parts of your body with ease. You will need just one from the pair of dumbbells’ to start doing this exercise. It helps you work on your abs, arms, and quads at the same time. 



You will have to stand with your feet set wider than your shoulder while holding the dumbbells with both your hands. Please place it in front of your chest and sit into a squat while taking the dumbbells down with you. Drive back up and repeat for a few rounds. This is an ideal workout even for beginners as it does not need much training or help to achieve perfection. 


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Bicep Curl

The bicep curl is a simple and easy exercise. As the name suggests, the workout aims at strengthening the bicep muscles. To perform this exercise, you start by holding a dumbbell in each hand while your elbows rest on your sides. Next, extend your forearms in front of your body, now bring the dumbbells closer to your shoulders while bending at the elbow.



You should reverse the bicep curl and lower down slowly with control and repeat for a few reps. This exercise helps you strengthen your upper arms and the front portion of your arms.

Farmers’ Walk

The Farmers’ Walk or the farmer’s carry is a strengthening exercise in which you need to carry a pair of dumbbells or other heavyweights and walk a certain distance. This serves as a strength training exercise for the whole body and covers all the major muscle groups. Besides that, it also stimulates the cardiovascular muscles and promotes heart health. It is also a great way to strengthen your grip strength.



You can do this exercise for around 20 to 30 seconds and take a break before going again. Take small strides while you move and slightly lean forward as you walk. With regular practice, the farmer’s walk will aid fat loss and strengthen the entire body. 


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This exercise focuses on strengthening more than just your arm muscles. It also focuses on your legs. The exercise targets the quadriceps and hamstrings and is a great lower body conditioning exercise. You should start by holding dumbbells in each of your hands while going up and down stairs. Or if you have a bench, step up onto the bench and down again on each leg.




Lunges are a great way to work out your full body. While it is better to perform lunges with dumbbells, you could do it even with other weights available at home. To perform this exercise, you should make sure you have ample space as it works on numerous muscles in your body at the same time and will require you to move a bit. Remember that it is not about finishing the workout fast, and speed is not the essence. Focus on maintaining your balance, control and form and take your time. 

You should start by standing straight with the dumbbells in your hands with your palms facing inward. Now take a long step forward while bending your knee in such a way that your thigh is parallel to the ground. The other leg should be bent at the knee, and the balance should be on your toes. Now return to your rest position and repeat with the other leg. 



Go ahead and start working out with these simple and easy to perform exercises that you can do right at home with only a pair of dumbbells. Most of the exercises can also be done with just your bodyweight as well!


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