Do you wish you could get addicted to something that’s actually good for you? You’re in luck – we’re about to teach you exactly how to get addicted to exercise, even if you’re a dedicated couch potato right now. 

Getting into exercise can help you to kick drug and alcohol addiction or break other unhealthy habits, like overeating. Ready to become a fitness junkie?  Let’s do this.

Find a Style of Exercise You Love

You’ll never get addicted to exercise if you’re forcing yourself to do something you hate, so make sure to experiment with different sports and activities.

If you hate team sports, you could try solo activities like climbing, jogging, and swimming. If you need a group to get you motivated, you could join a beginner workout group, pilates group, or yoga class.

If you love competition, sports like football, rugby, and basketball are ideal.


How To Get Addicted To Exercise: Replacing The Bad In Life With The Good


Make Exercising Part of Your Daily Routine

Addiction happens when something is a regular part of your life – in this case, it’s exercise, not drugs or alcohol. Planning exercise into your daily routine, the same way you’d plan to go for a drink or attend parties, makes you more likely to stick to it long-term.

You might arrange to attend a gym class at a certain time each evening, go for a jog every morning at 6 am, or do gentle yoga before bed.

Use habit triggers to remind you to stick to your new routine. This could mean putting your running shoes by your bed every night, sticking a post-it reminder to the fridge, or having a phone alarm remind you to hit the gym.

Replace Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms With Exercise

Would you normally reach for an unhealthy vice when feeling angry, sad, or stressed? Try exercising instead and you might be surprised by how much better you feel. You’ll have to force yourself at first, but eventually, exercise will become your go-to coping mechanism in difficult situations.

If you’re struggling with drug addiction, get professional help at a place like this rehab center – don’t try to do it all on your own.


How To Get Addicted To Exercise: Replacing The Bad In Life With The Good


Reward Yourself For Meeting Fitness Goals

Are you worried that exercise doesn’t feel like a ‘treat’ in the way that other addictions do?

Try setting fitness goals and rewarding yourself when you meet them to make the process feel a bit more indulgent, without hurting your progress. You might treat yourself to a video game, a fancy dessert, or a new piece of sports gear.

Knowing that ‘exercise = rewards’ helps rewire your brain and get you addicted to staying fit.

How to Get Addicted to Exercise Fast

How to get addicted to exercise? Start working it into your daily routine right away. Don’t set massive goals as this can be daunting. Instead, set small goals, like ‘Do 5 push-ups a day’, and gradually increase them over time. Reward yourself for meeting every goal, no matter the size. Also remember to ensure that you are able to recover from your workouts and exercises. Be sure to factor in things like rest, sleep, proper nutrition and supplements or protein powders to help. There are many different powders to choose from such as pea protein powder or even CBD protein powder.

By gradually increasing it, you’ll get a great sense of achievement without pushing yourself too hard – before you know it, you’ll be running marathons before breakfast!


How To Get Addicted To Exercise: Replacing The Bad In Life With The Good


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