By way of introduction, Microsoft exams are known to equip professionals with advanced knowledge in their area of expertise. Many organizations require their candidates to have Microsoft-developed certifications under their belt to be eligible for the available corporate opportunities.
Therefore, you can think about obtaining the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential and so, take a chance and pass the company’s valuable exams to get certified in prospective Windows Server 2016 features.

In this post, you’ll observe analyzing the Microsoft 70-741 dumps exam and will receive some advice on how to pass it with exam dumps.

Microsoft 70-741 Exam Details

So, 70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016 is one of the assessments that enable you to earn MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. Take note that there are other important exams guaranteeing professionals’ acquisition of this badge such as 70-740 and 70-742 tests.


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Deeper, for 70-741 exam, you need to be familiar with basic IT concepts. If you feel lacking skills or expertise in it, then you can consider earning some Microsoft Technology Associate certification.

The major abilities and knowledge you need to take this exam include implementing of IPAM, DNS, and DHCP. Click Here to Download from Exam Labs Website. Other topics cover mastering solutions of remote access, advanced network structure, and distributed network. This way, you can register for the test at a cost of $165 and prepare for about 40-60 multiple-choice items to be tackled within a time frame of 2 hours.

Employment Prospects

  • Network Administrator
  • Server Manager
  • Network Engineer

Serving as a magnet for doubters, there’s an average basic salary for MCSA Windows Server 2016 certified professionals that estimates around $74,000 per year, according to PayScale!

How to Get Most Out of Your Learning with Exam Dumps?

1. Check Their Validity

It is paramount that you first authenticate that the exam dumps you are using are valid and updated. Indeed, training with unreliable practice tests is a whole waste of time and resources.

In this regard, one of the qualitative sources to learn with is the Exam-Labs website where candidates are proposed to use 70-741 Premium Bundle for the exam. You can purchase the set just for $24.99 and enjoy its several incorporated options like 245 premium questions and answers, a training course, and a 1639-pages study guide!

More to add, these premium files are regularly renewed. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for free and updated dumps uploaded by the recent exam-takers.


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2. Take mock Tests Seriously

Like any other method of 70-741 exam preparation, exam dumps are of high importance. So, handle each question with the seriousness it deserves.

However, don’t miss the point that these files are created to be used after the core preparation. It involves obtaining first, for instance, vendor-proposed learning instruments like 20741A instructor-led training, or Networking with Windows Server 2016 exam reference by Microsoft Press.

3. Control Your Time

Time is the essence when an exam is around the corner. However, preparing in a hurry doesn’t serve you either. The best strategy is to start studying early enough so that you manage to learn the key concepts. Dwell on each question until you are confident to tackle it in the test. The more time you have in your hands, the more likely you are to cover all the concepts.

This way, you need to follow a strict schedule so that you cover as many exam dumps as you can within the available time. When you get a difficult question, do not set it aside for later, and avoid procrastinating because it is the ultimate time-waster.

4. Review

Repeating the content learned is the most essential part of preparation. When you get a question wrong, the best idea is to go back and review it. Thereby, you will identify where you went wrong and what the right response is and so, understand each question and the related topics. This ensures that you get the right path to handle complex questions.

5. Find Right Place to Study

You need to find the perfect place to do your revision. Exam dumps contain questions that require you to think and rethink. Therefore, you need to be in a quiet environment free from any distractions such as social media. If possible, turn off your phone to eliminate the temptations of chatting with friends. The place you choose should be the most comfortable and conducive for learning because you need maximum concentration here for the best results.

6. Don’t Skip Questions

You have to make an effort of tackling all the items irrespective of the difficulty level. Some candidates tend to ignore certain domains just because they feel that these are inessential or avoid them because they don’t want to have to deal with them and the ‘failure’ of them. This is a grave delusion, and your task is, consequently, to work on all the questions equally to avoid missing even the minute details.


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7. Practice Frequently

Constant practice is a perfect way to learn all the exam information exhaustively. Ensure that you have allocated enough time to study every day. Handling many questions exposes you to new concepts and ways to apply them in the upcoming exams.


As long as yyou go through all the advice given and study what you need to, you will certainly pass the associated Microsoft 70-741 test.

Good luck to you!

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