Francois Beya | Be Awakened.

Be Awakened is a short film that aims to be a combination of motivation, an interview and a film to get to know more about an incredible man and athlete, Francois Beya who changed his life after a terrible self inflicted car accident.

Another full uncut video interview will be up in a few weeks, where you can learn a lot more about him and listen to more of his advice after going through such an ordeal.

A special thank you to Marcelle Collison and Body Conscious Private Gym.

*Please note Parental Guidance is advised as the song lyrics are not suitable for children.

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Francois Beya | Be Awakened.Francois Beya | Be Awakened.Francois Beya | Be Awakened.

Who’s story will feature next? Comment below if you would like to see someone specific!


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