Name: Roger de Kramer
Age: 20
Height: 1,81 m
Current weight: 94 kg


What are your 3 best go to bicep exercises?

  1. Standing EZ bar curls
  2. Unilateral bicep curls
  3. Preacher curls with a barbell


Arms Tips And Training With Roger De Kramer


Do you prefer to go very heavy when training triceps and What are some of your favourite triceps exercises?

I usually enjoy short but intense arm sessions using heavy weights. My favourite tricep exercise has to be a reverse tricep push down.

How often do you train your arms and do you do them alone or group them together or with other muscles?

I’m constantly drawing up new training programs to find out which programs and what exercises work best for certain muscle groups. I would say that I train arms at least twice a week regularly.


Arms Tips And Training With Roger De Kramer


What are the few things you focus on when training arms?

For me, when I’m training, the most important thing while training is form.


Arms Tips And Training With Roger De Kramer


What does a typical biceps/triceps workout look like for you?

I usually split my arm days doing supersets between biceps and triceps.

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