Do you want to get your indoor cycling form right? If so, then you are in the right place. It does not matter if you are a pro or a novice to cycling, a reminder of a few basic tips for an effective indoor cycling workout is helpful from time to time.

Indoor cycling lets you stick to your cycling routine irrespective of the weather outside. All you need is a suitable indoor trainer that you could place in your home gym. You can find a myriad of indoor cycles that you could choose from based on your personal preferences. Before starting your cycling routine, you must keep in mind a few tips. These tips range from getting the right seat height and posture to the resistance level. 

All of this contributes to making your indoor cycling workout more effective, so please read on to get more insight into these useful tips to perfect your cycling form. 

1. Get The Right Seat Height

The seat height of the indoor bike plays a key role in positioning yourself correctly. If it does not align with your body structure, you would not get the desired outcomes from your workout.

To get it right, stand next to the bike and raise your leg in a way that it is bent at a 90-degree angle. Your thigh should be parallel to the floor as you bend your leg. The point of your hip joint is where the seat should be positioned. 

Further, you may also climb onto the bike seat and place your foot on the pedal. Your leg must bend slightly in the knee as you are seated on the trainer. The seat is low if your leg is bent too much. If your knee is locked and your leg straightened, it indicates the seat is too high.


Top 6 Tips To Perfect Your Indoor Cycling Form


2. Straighten Up Your Back

Make sure that you maintain the correct posture while you sit on the bike to have a healthy and enjoyable indoor cycling experience. You must have a flat, straight back and neck held upwards with an open chest. You would not experience tension in your muscles or harm your spine or hamstrings with this posture. Remember to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth while exercising.

3. Maintain A Slight Bend In The Knees

To know whether you are positioning yourself correctly on the bike, keep your feet on the pedals and notice a slight bend in your legs while pedaling. If you find your legs extremely bent when they move downwards or if they are fully straight, it indicates you need to make some adjustments to the seat height. You must have a slight bend in the knee while you strike the pedal downwards. It allows you to pedal securely and efficiently. Make sure to give your bike a test run for a smooth movement during your workout.

4. Feet Flat On The Pedals

Place your feet flat on the pedals to provide your leg muscles an effective workout. Pedaling with pointed toes or heels touching the ground will compromise your performance, making you feel tired early during the workout. To get the most out of your indoor cycling workout, make sure you place your feet correctly on the pedals.  

5. Avoid Leaning Into The Handlebars

Many people lean into the handlebars while riding a bike to relieve their tiring leg muscles. The weight is lifted off the body to the handlebars, putting pressure on your shoulders and wrists. Consequently, the extra weight on your shoulder and wrists may cause an injury. Thus, ensure you have a loose grip on the handles as you pedal on the bike. Your hips should be kept back across the pedals and your lower body and core must carry your weight. Avoid putting unnecessary weight onto your shoulders or wrists.


Top 6 Tips To Perfect Your Indoor Cycling Form


6. Set The Resistance Level

You would hear your instructor telling you to maintain resistance or tension on the cycle throughout your workout. If you want to burn calories faster, then having the right amount of resistance is the way to go. It forces you to push harder, making your lower body stronger and burning calories faster. Some bikes have a resistance knob, which if turned toward the right, increases resistance. And to reduce resistance, it is turned to the left. Besides, if you have a bike with a gear handle, lift it to increase tension. Hold it down if you feel pressure in your lower back. 

Indoor Cycling tips

With all these useful tips in mind, you could very well get on with a good cycling routine. It is an effective exercise for strengthening your lower-body and improving cardiovascular health. So, get started with your indoor (or outdoor) cycling workout now!


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