Exercising should be an important part of everyone’s routine. Not only will it help the body stay in shape but it also stimulates and maintains the health of the bones, muscles, and internal organs such as the heart and lungs.

However, the execution of most, if not all exercises, is not without risk. The simple fact that we are moving our bodies and positioning them in ways that don’t seem normal to us puts us at a fair risk of getting injured. And sometimes, we do get injured.

To say that pain is annoying is truly an understatement. It’s nagging, and it sometimes keeps us up at night. Fortunately, there are things that we can do to manage the pain. Aside from getting guidance from pros such as those from Seattle Pain Relief, we can also lessen or even altogether avoid foods that could worsen the pain internally. In this article, we identify two groups of food items that are easily available, but are bad at managing pain.

Various Meats

When we are working out, we are encouraged to consume a lot of meat. After all, it can be our steady source of muscle-building protein. There are even sectors of the bodybuilding population that believe that meat is a necessary component of a bodybuilder’s diet.

This could not be farther from the truth. There are bodybuilders who are exclusively vegetarian and vegan, and they don’t compromise their form and muscle growth.

With that said, it’s safe to say that meat consumption can be avoided to promote health. Besides, most meat that we find in supermarkets are from factory-raised animals. This means that they are removed from their natural setup and fed or injected with hormone-laden substances to increase their size and (ultimately) commercial value. Anything that promotes growth might be a contributing factor to inflammation, which in turn is an important component in the experience of pain. And where there is pain, there is inflammation.


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The hormones and other substances in factory-raised and farmed meats are pro-inflammatory. Logic dictates that these substances also amplify the experience of pain. Hence, it is wise to avoid them if we want to manage physical pain more effectively.

Given all this, there is wisdom in going for plant-based food items especially if you are bodybuilding. They not only support muscle growth, they also make it easier for you to manage pain.

Various energy drinks, and other Caffeine-Rich Foods

Most people start their day by drinking coffee or other caffeine-rich beverages. Many bodybuilders take energy drinks to boost performance. The caffeine in these drinks is an effective stimulant, so it helps them become more awake and more active.

While this is indeed helpful if we want to be more alive and productive during the day, we have to understand that this can have some painful trade offs. When the body is in pain, it relies on sleep, among many other factors, to help repair whatever issue is causing the pain. If you don’t get enough amount of or quality sleep, then pain takes longer to heal.

Caffeine, because of its rousing effects, can negatively impact the quality of sleep that you are having during the night. If caffeine consumption is something that can’t be taken out of your routine, the best compromise is to take a break from it for as long as the sources of pain are still there. A short period of caffeine-fasting surely wouldn’t hurt, and we mean this quite literally.


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in the end

Getting rid of pain is something that anyone in pain wants to do. Sometimes, however, long-term diet adjustments have to be made. The whole process can be challenging for some, but it surely is going to be worth it.

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