I recently bought a cheapish drone on Ebay to see how it would fare against the more expensive drones. It is called an emotion drone that is made in China. Delivery took about 3 months and I had to pay a small customs fee. Overall the drone is decent to learn how to control and fly a drone, and is not too expensive.

So lets get into a quick review of various aspects of the drone.

Battery power:

I bought the drone with 2 extra batteries as each battery lasts about 5 – 7 minutes, and they each take about 40 minutes to charge.

Flying controls

You can control the drone with your phone or the controller that  it comes with. It is far easier to use the controller rather than your phone. you of course need to download the app for your phone. The actual controls on the app are just not as effective as using the controller. Remember the controller needs batteries so you will need to have 4 AA rechargeable batteries for that.

The drone does not do well when there is wind, so when flying you will need a calm day or fly it indoors.


Tech Review: Basic Emotion Drone Review


Camera quality:

The camera quality is pretty bad. I would go far as to say that the images and footage cannot really be used for anything, even for social media as it is not good quality at all. You may be lucky enough to capture a decent photo here and there but generally, do not purchase this drone with the intention of using it for videos or photos.


Tech Review: Basic Emotion Drone Review


build and breakages

The emotion drone is not the best build quality drone, but it is pretty decent and does not break easily. I have crashed it into a few things and a few walls and it gets right back up and keeps going. I  haven’t even had to replace any of the propellers yet :p




I bought the drone on Ebay, and paid +-R800, as well as R28 customs fee at the post office and it took about 3 months to get delivered to the post office here in South Africa.


Tech Review: Basic Emotion Drone Review


In the end:

It really depends what you want to use the drone for. If you just want a drone to try and have fun with, and to get the hang of the controls of a drone, this emotion drone is a winner for that. If on the other hand you want a drone that takes some good video footage and pictures, this is certainly not the right drone for that. If you want a decent drone you must be prepared to pay a few thousand rand to get a good one.

Don’t get me wrong, this drone is fun to fly though!


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