Do Sports and Energy Drinks Actually Give You ENERGY, Part 2

A few months ago we posted an article all about the effects that ‘energy’ drinks have on our bodies.

To check out that article click here: Do Sports and Energy Drinks Actually Give You ENERGY?

This is somewhat of a follow on from that initial article and to a certain degree a summary of it with the addition of actual statistics.  These statistics are in detail, and could be what we all need to hear in order for us all to make a change in our own lives.  All this information is summarized in a very detailed infographic by Allison Morris from

Check out their full article here: Caffeinated-nation

Below is the quite informative graphic which highlights:

  • Comparisons to recommended intakes of certain substances, e.g. Caffeine
  • Who the main consumers of energy drinks are
  • The upward worldwide trend and sales of energy drinks
  • The ingredients inside most energy drinks as well as contents that you we as consumers are often not aware of
  • The effects of over consumption of caffeine
  • The health impacts these drinks have

Just a note; I do believe that abusing or over consuming anything, and taking it to the extreme will lead to bad effects.

The main point is to find a balance, and not overdo things.  So having an energy drink once in a while is perfectly fine.   Problems arise when people start to over do it in the hopes that it will help them.

AND…Think how much money you would save if you stopped drinking these drinks and just drank some good old refreshing H2O!!

Caffeinated Nation Infographic

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