‘5 Minutes To Shredded’ Calisthenics Workout jason statham pull ups

If you find yourself somewhere without a gym or weights, this workout will be great to hit all the major bodyparts to give you a total body workout, as well as ensuring a heart pumping intense training session is achieved.

It will get you that shredded and ripped look in no time if you keep at it! It is based around calisthenics exercises which are body weight exercises without the use of extra weights.

Thus you don’t need a gym to complete the workout.

What you will need:

  • Pull up bar
  • Stop watch

How it works:

  • There are 5 exercises to be done.
  • Each exercise is to be done within a time of 5 minutes.
  • Do as many reps as you can, then rest for 20 seconds (initially) and do another set of as many reps as you can. Keep doing this until the 5 minutes is up.
  • You can extend your break periods to 30 seconds and then to a maximum of 40 seconds towards the end of the exercise when fatigue sets in.
  • Rest 2 minutes between exercises.
  • Record the amount of reps you manage to do in the 5 minutes as well as how long your rest periods are. Then aim to beat those numbers next time.

guy doing push ups

Download a printable workout log of the ‘5 Minutes To Shredded’ Bodyweight Workout here:

Exercise 1:

  • Overhand wide grip pull ups

Exercise 2:

  • Push ups (Narrow stance, hands close to your chest)

Exercise 3:

  • Close/narrow grip pull ups

Exercise 4:

  • Incline wide grip push ups

Exercise 5:

  • Jump squats (with weights is optional)

Female leg routine


  • 20 minutes stretching and meditation.

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