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Jet Tranter


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NANA – Fitness blogger


20 Fit, Motivational Instagram Posts From Around The Web! 9th Edition




WEEK 54 // FRIYAY ⚓️ Soooo, it took CRAZY amounts of courage to post this today; my most revealing photo yet. But this is ME, cellulite, thick thighs, warts, and all ? ➰If you had asked me 5 months ago to post a photo in swimwear to social media for the world to see, I would have probably got all hot and sweaty, my stomach would have done back flips and I would have most certainly fainted with anxiety ? But here we are, Friday the 13th, posting my first swimwear photo. And you know what? I am DAMN proud of myself ?This photo represents 18 kilograms of hard work; 3 dress sizes and 2 swimwear sizes down!! And a little boost in self-esteem and confidence if we’re making a list here ? ➰Sure, I have LOADS of work to do this year with @jackthesheriff to turn my plus size figure (one that I have spent much of my life being) into a fully fledged fitness athlete….sho…gets me every time in the feels ? But don’t worry, I won’t be losing these curves though. With my build, that’s pretty much impossible. These hips don lieee folks ?✌?️ ➰I am so excited to watch my body develop and change this year, and I am even more excited to have you all witness it too. So do expect a few more of these pics as we start tracking my progress from FLAB to FAB ?? ………………………………………………………………………… ?Follow me on Snapchat “Lusty01” ✖️Coached by —> @jackthesheriff ✖️Powered by —> OR #STS #TeamSTS #SheriffVixen #TheSheriff

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Paul Hector Abrahams


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chantal van loggenberg

Jacques Fagan

jessica van rooyen


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Raeesa Solwa Mehtar

Mohseen Patel


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20 Fit, Motivational Instagram Posts From Around The Web! 9th Edition


Lara Ann Bester


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Nimai Delgado

kelly canizares

Vivien Bakos


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Aksel Henriksen


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Fernanda Zorzal


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valeria poklonskaya

Aline Barreto

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