As they say, health is wealth. And it’s not only our physical health that’s being talked about. This also includes our mental well-being.

Contrary to what some people think, mental health isn’t only about emotions. Apparently, it can also affect the way we think and even our physical health. Thus, improving our mental fitness is vital too.

However, mental illnesses take many forms. Thus, diagnosing it can be tricky. But there are a few signs that can help you determine if the emotions you’re feeling aren’t normal anymore.

Signs You Need to Watch

With numerous types of mental illnesses and various symptoms to watch out for, it is sometimes hard to diagnose. But these signs might help you know if you need to consult a specialist.


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There are many causes of mental illnesses. One of which is having another medical condition. Conditions like cancer, a stroke, and Parkinson’s disease, for instance, can sometimes cause a person to fall into depression. Thus, if you’re diagnosed with an illness and you feel like it’s starting to affect your emotions, don’t hesitate to consult an expert.

Emotions that are Hard to Control

It’s normal to feel sad or not in the mood. It’s considered basic human emotions. But when your emotions are persistent and you feel like they last longer than they should, it’s something that’s not to be ignored anymore.

Sadness is a normal emotion. However, it can turn into depression. And when it does, it sometimes includes other symptoms such as feelings of hopelessness, loss of interest or pleasure in the hobbies or activities you once enjoyed, insomnia or oversleeping, and more. And when you feel these symptoms, it’s a sign that you need to seek professional health.


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The environment we live in can also cause our mental well-being to decline. When we are treated poorly, it could cause traumas that could affect our mental health. It’s not always physical. Sometimes, the decline in our mental health is caused by verbal abuse or even sexual maltreatment too. Witnessing a life and death situation can also affect our mental health.

Why it Shouldn’t be Ignored

Mental illness is real. Yet, many look down on it.

For some, when you’re diagnosed with a mental illness, they’ll quickly assume that you’re someone to be afraid of because you might hurt them. Sometimes, people perceive it as being weak.

Many people also deny that they need help because of the negative stigma and misinformation that surrounds it.

Because of this, many feel shy to consult medical professionals. They’re afraid to be judged or outgrow their friends because of their condition. This impedes the psychotherapy and other treatment that they need. As a result, their condition worsens. But it’s not the only thing that happens when you overlook your mental health.


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Physical Health

Apart from the fact that a condition might get worse, your mental health could affect your physical health too. Our mental and physical health are connected. When we experience issues on our physical health, it could cause our mental health to decline and vise versa.

When the latter affects our physical health, we are at risk of heart diseases, respiratory illnesses, and more. Schizophrenia, alone could double the risk of death of a patient from heart diseases. It could also cause respiratory issues. In fact, when you suffer from schizophrenia, you are three times at risk of death from respiratory illness.


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Our mental health also plays a role in the way we function every day. When we’re depressed, for instance, it’s hard to focus on our tasks at work, school, or even at home. This is because our mood is so low that we have no energy left to do our tasks.


In addition to that, it could also affect the way we think. When you’re suffering from anxiety, for instance, it’s hard to make decisions because you’re too anxious. You lose focus, which can hinder you from making the right decisions.


You also lose confidence when your mental health declines. Depending on the condition you’re suffering from, your brain is likely to think and anticipate negative outcomes. This could lead to poor performance at work or in school, which also affects your productivity.


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The misinformation and the negative stigma on mental health can worsen a person’s mental health issues. This delays or hinders the help and treatment that a person needs. But these signs and reasons why your mental health shouldn’t be overlooked might help and convince you to seek help from a professional right away.

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