One of the most incredible yet underrated innovations in the gym equipment world for the last few decades is the adjustable dumbbell. It is an unusually smart invention that makes racks of bulky dumbbells unnecessary and a thing of the past.

The space savings are incredibly useful, especially if you are trying to build a home gym. You can have a home gym that consists of nothing but adjustable dumbbells and a bench. It may be minimalist, but it gets the work done while saving you time and money.

Not to mention that it will be your gym and you need no longer wait for other guys to finish their turns. Also, consider that you will need a large number of dumbbells as you progress with your bodybuilding journey. With adjustable dumbbells, you can achieve the same results with one comfortable piece of equipment.

You can use adjustable dumbbells for a wide variety of workouts. Some exercises made possible by a pair of adjustable dumbbells are as follows:

Bicep curls

The classic bicep curl, probably the oldest exercise in the book. Perfect to build strength and muscle in the arms. Just grab a dumbbell in each hand and curl the weight up, lowly and controlled. Make sure to really feel the squeeze of the muscle with each repetition. The great thing with adjustable dumbbells is that you can quickly and easily adjust the weight with each set if you need to!

Romanian Deadlift With Dumbbells

Romanian deadlifts or RDLs for people in the fitness realm, work like a charm to build the proper muscle activation patterns. It is yet another exercise that justifies your decision of choosing adjustable dumbbells. It serves this magic in the glutes and hamstrings and makes sure that you have a stronger back. All of these factors are particularly important when starting out. Remember that you need to start with light weight, and if you’re going to benefit from it thoroughly, then you must pay attention to the form. Don’t try to bend forward but instead try to sit back while moving your torso in the forward direction without being upright.

Alternating Bench Press With Dumbbells

The magic of the bench press done with dumbbells lies in the challenge it presents to the shoulder as the latter tries to acquire stability. In this, dumbbell bench press exercises are somewhat more effective than the barbell presses that people usually do.

The additional pulse that accompanies the movement at the end affects the shoulders too. In a regular workout, you ideally want to do ten reps of this exercise for 3 – 4 sets. To do it first, you need to lie on a bench and hold the dumbbells at a point just outside of your shoulders. Lift the dumbbell pair upwards over the chest. Now lower one dumbbell while keeping the other arm straight. Touch the shoulder outside and then push the dumbbell back up. When you are at the top of making a move, you need to stretch both hands much akin to punching the ceiling.


Woman lifting weights with female trainer in gym


Goblet Squat

This exercise involves the whole body and challenges, particularly the quads, while easing the backpressure. The lower back pressure makes it easier to carry out than conventional barbell squats. This squat involves performing a squat while holding a dumbell or weight in front of you. While doing the dumbbell goblet squat, the weight in front of the body is counterbalanced, and you can sit with greater ease. This also ensures proper body form.


This exercise is noted amongst professional bodybuilders for its effectiveness in training the triceps. Not only do dumbbell skull crushers achieve that with ease, but also serves to enhance the coordination between the upper back of the body and the triceps.

Chest Flye With Dumbbells

You will hardly find any other exercise that challenges the pecs better while at the same time working the biceps and shoulders. This flye variant is excellent when done immediately after the skull crusher, and you need not switch even positions.

Start by lying on your back on a flat bench and then hold the dumbbells over the chest. Keep your elbows bent a little and make sure your palms face each other. After that, separate your hands and lower the dumbbells to the sides. Do this till you can feel your chest stretching. When the exercise movement is at its bottom, make sure that your palms face upwards. Then reverse the motion to return to where you started. It is much like hugging a barrel. Remember to perform it in a controlled manner.


dumbbells for home


Final Thoughts

Adjustable dumbbells are incredibly convenient and serve a variety purposes. It is highly space-saving, making it particularly suited for the limited available areas typically found in home gyms. Lets hope these few exercises mentioned above can get you started and well on your way to staying fit and strong!


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