Cycling is one of the best sports out there because it increases your stamina, maintains your blood pressure and cardiovascular health, and regulates oxygen levels.

It is also a great way to commute as it is a clean method of transportation. Some people enjoy going for hikes on their bikes, however, it is hard for the standard options to perform well in different environments.

That’s why you should consider upgrading your bicycle by adding a few extras to it. 

1. Power-Meter

Each one of us needs something to tell us how good or bad we are doing while performing a certain exercise. A power-meter will analyze your performance by measuring your power output by using a gauge that reacts to any applied force. It should be fitted to the bike so you can pace yourself and determine the areas where you need to improve. Moreover, it will alert you if you are exerting too much effort at the beginning, so you can slow down to not burn yourself out by the end of the ride. 

If you add a monitor to it, you will be able to keep track of your speed, distance, and elapsed time as well. It also has a GPS to give you direction without having to hold your phone or miss a turn because you don’t know the exact location. 


5 Ways To Turn Your Bike Commute Into Training cycle bicycle


2. Carbon Wheels

Nowadays, bikes come with carbon wheels because they offer high performance and durability, and that’s why they are being used in major races. They are also lightweight, which allows the biker to speed up even more. Fortunately, manufacturers are becoming more familiar with it and have figured out how to make them for a much lower price than before. Carbon wheels are gaining popularity among cyclists that want to tackle steeper grades to up their game. 

3. Seats for Seniors

Since cycling is a great form of exercise, it’s extremely convenient for people of all ages. This applies to seniors in particular. It will help them slow down the aging process and protect their muscles from atrophy. Staying active is crucial in old age, but most exercises are uncomfortable, including cycling. That’s why getting bicycle seats for seniors is necessary to keep them comfortable and pain-free as they ride. They should be adjustable so they won’t have to struggle to pedal or bend too much, which results in backaches. Don’t forget to purchase the right saddle for the height and weight of the person riding the bike. 

4. Supple Tires

Resistance is one of the factors that slows you down and makes you exert extra effort to pedal and speed up. Rigid tires are of no help as they get obstructed by the ground and don’t roll smoothly. In case you are looking for a way to decrease the resistance, supple tires are a great option to reduce energy loss, and accordingly, less drag. 

5. Lights

Drivers mostly don’t see bicycles behind them because they are too small for the mirrors to reflect. Bikes don’t come with built-in lights, and that’s why cyclists are not safe on the road and are always at risk of being hit or tripping over a bump on the road. That being said, it is necessary to attach lights to your bicycle to illuminate the way and alert the drivers of your existence. 


5 Ways To Turn Your Bike Commute Into Training cycle bicycle


Lights are needed at night and in the morning too, because statistics showed that 80% of accidents happen during the day. Luminescent lights are the ones being used during the day to shine brighter than the sunlight. They will guarantee that you arrive safely at your destination. 

6. Electronic Shifting

Shifting during the ride is one of the setbacks of cycling, which causes the cables to wear leading to mechanical inefficiency. However, installing an electronic shifting system will increase the quality and precision of your shifts and will keep your cables smooth. On the other hand, their batteries may run low, so always remember to charge them before you ride. 

7. Brake and Gear Cables

One of the most underestimated upgrades is replacing the brake and gear cables. They wear out from regular use and stretching. Accordingly, they become less reliable which may put you in danger when you attempt to stop the bike suddenly. You should change them once a year to make sure that you always have a great set of gears. 


5 Ways To Turn Your Bike Commute Into Training cycle bicycle

Treating your bike to some upgrades every now and then will prove quite beneficial for you, as well as performing regular services. You will be able to cycle safely without having to worry about things like tripping, or being unable to stop. There will also be a great improvement in your performance and speed as you lower the resistance around you. 


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