interview With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas

Quick Stats

Name: Johnny Lucas
Age: 33
Height: 1.72 m
Competition weight: 84 Kg
Current weight: 94 Kg
Current city: Johannesburg, South Africa
Occupation: Trainer/Online Coach

You seem to be quite the sportsman and athlete, what age did you start really getting into sports and which was your favourite?

Hahaha well you could say I was playing some sort of sport whilst still in my mother’s womb 😉 Ok seriously, I started playing sports when I was 8 years old. Rugby came 1st and then Cricket followed. Soon I was doing Athletics and Tennis as well. Athletics was my true love.

I competed at a national level and was a powerful sprinter doing 100m, 200m and 400m. interview With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas

Did you train much with weights when participating in all your sports?

I did very little weight training, it was mostly leg training while doing Athletics.

How did you then get into bodybuilding and bodybuilding specific training?

Well I have been training on and off through my 20’s but could never commit as I had very bad luck with injuries. I always told my wife that I want to do bodybuilding but the injuries kept me from doing that. My Wife (Brenda) who is an amazing woman I have to say told me let’s get committed and do this so I don’t regret it when I am older.

In 2014 I started going to a Biokineticist and got all my injuries sorted. Well now I have my wife to thank for what I have achieved, to be honest. interview With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas

What do you love about it and how do you stay motivated?


The lifestyle appeals to me. It’s who I am and want to be. The challenge between your mind and body is amazing.

The body says NO but mind says YES!

I am very competitive by nature and that’s just who I am. I want to be the best and that takes work, HARD WORK! I stay motivated by visualising my goals, seeing myself become number 1 and being a champion.

Congrats on just entering your first show and winning your line up and the overall title, what made you decide to enter? And how did the preparation for it go?

Thank you so much, it was an awesome experience and I feel truly blessed. I decided a year ago that I would like to take my bodybuilding to the next level and compete in 2015 and start following my dreams.

Preparation went well, but it was tough. I don’t think that I realised that it would be such hard work though and the last 2 weeks prior to the comp were really tough. interview With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas

What are your future plans?

Well I am set on following my dream of becoming an IFBB PRO. This is what I always wanted to do and I BELIEVE that if I my give 100% I can achieve anything.

This year my focus will be on qualifying for the Arnolds Amateur which will be held in South Africa in 2016. Then also competing in the South African Championships taking place on 11-13 September 2015. So a BIG year for me.

My online coaching website will be up and running from 1 June 2015 so career wise I would love to help and motivate the average person out there to get the dream physique they want and also duplicate that success in other areas in their life.

3 best nutrition tips to lose fat?

  1. Change your LIFESTYLE – The way you eat should fit the lifestyle you lead.

  2. Drink PLENTY of water.


What advice would you give young bodybuilders who are thinking about competing?

Go for it! If Bodybuilding is what you love then do it. Be clever and responsible. It’s an expensive career path to follow, but if you are passionate about it, then follow your dreams. interview With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas

Take us through an average day of yours:

Well my day is the same more or less every day!

  • I wake up early (4:45am) to have my 1st meal. My meals for the day and prepped and packed the night before.
  • I go to work until 4:30pm after which I then rush home to have a meal before training.
  • 6pm I start my workout.
  • Get home between 7:30 & 8pm where I then have my last meal before I finish up to go to bed.

I try and sleep early but sometimes I stay up a bit more to spend some time with my wife as we both have very busy lives.

Give us a brief description of your philosophy on your diet, pre contest and during the off season:

My philosophy is simple, I eat what fits my lifestyle. I ALWAYS try and stay in shape as best I can.

Pre contest is slightly different as I then follow an even stricter diet to take my body to a different level in order to come in at the right weight and conditioning. Off season I still eat clean but I do still have a “cheat meal” every so often. interview With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas

How did you manage your diet after the competition? Did you pig out for days after the show?

OH my I went crazy to be honest. I had as much sweets and burgers as I could handle but after 5 days the guilt starts eating at me So I am back to my normal lifestyle eating clean and getting my head right for my show that is now 16 weeks away.

Give us a brief description of your philosophy on your training and on average how long do you workout for and your top training tips?

  • I train 6 days a week, how long I train for depends on what I am training on the day.
  • I never train longer that 90min per session.

Training tips, well I say always train like you are prepping for a show, that means you give it 100% every single time. Don’t waist a session by chatting or spending time on your Cell phone. Leave the phone in the car!!! interview With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas

How important is practicing your posing leading up to a show? How often do you do it and how many weeks before a show do you start doing it?

I cannot be more serious when I say POSING IS VERY IMPORTANT.

If you are not posing fit you are in for a night of pain!!!! I thought that posing for 10 minutes a day 3 times a week is enough, BIG mistake.

You have to pose every day for at least 15 minutes. Then I would recommend for the last 4 weeks to pose at least 30-45 minutes every day.

You have to be prepared for anything.

What are your three favourite exercises and why?

  • I love training legs, (Leg press) is one of my favourites as it puts less stress on my lower back.
  • Then I also love Chest (Dumbbell flyes) really gives me a good stretch and builds good size.
  • Biceps (Wide Grip Barbell curls) I just love it and also gives my arms the thickness I look for. interview With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas

What are your arm training tips and exercises to developing massive and strong arms?

I do get asked this question a lot. I train biceps once a week and triceps twice a week..

My favourite is Wide Grip Barbell/EZ Bar curls.

I always do a lot of them as it really gives me a great pump and overall thickness.

For triceps my favourite is Rope pull downs.

I make sure that I focus on squeezing the muscle as much as possible.

What is the most common question you get asked?

“How much do I eat?”

  • Well I always smile and say a lot!!!

I take them through my 6/7 meals for the day explaining how important nutrition and feeding the body is to building quality muscle mass. interview With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas

Favourite Influential bodybuilders:

Hennie Kotze (My coach). He is a Pro bodybuilder in the 212 division and has been part of my journey since the beginning. He is also my mentor and has taught me so much about myself and my physique. He has been successful in the sport and also built a sound business through helping people achieve their dream physiques by living a healthier life.

This is what I want to do with my life by helping people do exactly that. Other than Hennie, Jay Cutler is my favourite.

Favourite Quote:

“When you feel like QUITTING, think about why you STARTED!” interview With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas

Best piece of advice you ever received?

Always be kind to people asking for your advice about your trade and stay humble.

I believe strongly in that!

What are some things you see guys/girls doing wrong in the gym that you would like to see less of?

Keep an eye on your posture. I have seen so many people pick up heavy weights and they do the exercise wrong.

You need to be careful as you could do some serious injury to your body or strain the muscles. interview With Rising Bodybuilder, Johnny Lucas

Where can people get hold of you?

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