You can have six-pack abs and be able to run a four-minute mile, but it doesn’t mean that you are as healthy as you could be. True health incorporates more than just the physical. If you want to get to a place of premium health and happiness you need to start working on your emotional and mental health.

Staying engaged while practicing a strict self-care routine can help you improve your overall health. Mental health issues, especially, have a way of affecting all other aspects of your health. Taking care of emotional issues from your past and getting motivated toward a more positive track can help you to improve your overall health.

It’s easy to focus on the physical. Keeping your body in good shape to avoid a heart attack is great but learning to save someone from a heart attack by taking a CPR course through Lifesaver Education for example can boost your self-confidence and expand your knowledge. A good balance between your physical health and your emotional health is essential for staying in your best shape.

Vary Your Workouts

Boredom is a killer for motivation. When you have the same routine every day, it can be tough to break out of that cycle. If you want to stay inspired, you can try switching up your workouts.

Instead of hitting the same machines at the gym over and over, you can add a bit of variety to keep you going. Try a spin class, meet new people when you try something new, or even learn a new skill. Pair your workouts with things that you already love to do for the best success. If you are a nature lover, you should get off the treadmill and hit the trail. Mixing it up can help keep things fresh and help you to stay on track.


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They say that you can’t pour from an empty cup. This means that unless you take care of yourself, you won’t have anything left to take care of others. There is nothing selfish about adopting a strict routine of self-care. Taking time for yourself is not only a nice break but essential for managing stress and staying healthy.


When you hang on to pain from your past, it’s the same as dragging a heavy anchor through your life. Moving on and learning to forgive can help you make a breakthrough with your emotional health.

Whether you have been hurt by a family member, an ex-lover, or a friend, it can be hard to move forward and get past the anger and pain. Forgiveness, but not necessarily forgetting, is an important part of starting to move forward and making room for more positive feelings.


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Get Motivated

It’s unlikely that you would ever allow anyone to speak to you in the same way as you speak to yourself in your head. Working on ridding your self-talk of negative tones and statements can help you to boost your confidence and raise your self-esteem.

Get inspiration from mentors to help you set your own goals. Take small steps and reward yourself of your accomplishments to help you stay motivated.


Having a well-used gym membership doesn’t guarantee that you are healthy. Staying active, adopting a reflective and positive self-attitude and taking care of yourself and your mind first are all great ways to keep your physical, emotional and mental health strong. 


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