Microsoft is a distributor of a popular and widely used operating system by enterprises in the world. In addition, it’s a leading producer of various certifications for individuals with different skill sets and background in this sphere. So, earning a Microsoft certification is a beneficial move to your career in IT.

If you are one of those who is interested in attaining expertise in IT, getting one of its credentials is the right choice, as they are designed for beginners who are just starting their IT career as well as for experts who want to advance their knowledge and skills in the chosen domain.

In this article, we’ll provide you with general information about Microsoft credentials, tell you about reliable preparation materials, and also share some of the reasons to get Microsoft certified.

Microsoft Certification Program Overview

Microsoft offers a wide range of credentials for specialists with different professional interests and experience levels. You may choose a role-based or product-based certification. The first type includes Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert levels while the second one is divided into the MTA (Technology Associate), MCSA AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (Certified Solutions Associate), MCSE (Certified Solutions Expert), and MCSD (Certified Solutions Developer). What is more, on the official website you’ll find various preparation options by Microsoft that involve instructor-led training, online and offline courses, videos, books, and articles.

5 Reasons to Earn Microsoft Certifications


1. The certifications validate and improve your skills

Obtaining a certification serves as proof of your solid knowledge as well as your technical and hands-on skills required to work with the product, service or platform chosen by you. Being, for example, MCSA certified in Windows Server 2016 means that you are a competent computer systems administrator or network specialist able to complete any task related to this well-known operating system effectively and efficiently. Similarly, If you have a Azure certification it means you have gained expertise in complex tasks such as Azure Migration Services and deployment of Azure Windows 10 VM etc.

2. Gives a chance to get a better salary

High salaries await Microsoft certified professionals. However, this will depend on the field you opt to pursue, and also the overall experience obtained. The majority of employers acknowledge professionals who have dedicated their efforts and time to earn a Microsoft certification. This comprises all the exam preparation involved: in the end, you’ll realize that your diligence will pay off. According to PayScale website, the average annual salary of MCSA certified is about $74,000, MCSE- $93,000, MCSD- $102,000.


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3. Helps stand out among other professionals

Many companies are always looking for highly skilled IT specialists who can meet the required standards in various networks, systems, or computer services. This means that if you earn any Microsoft certification, you will stand out among other professionals who don’t have any badge. Incorporating this in your resume will place you in a good position. Hiring managers value the exams offered by Microsoft in evaluating the respective skills of a person.

4. Provides better job opportunities

Professionals who have earned Microsoft credentials have a better chance of holding well-regarded job positions. Furthermore, certified specialists are known to be in a better place to increase the performance of the team they work with. It has also been noted that people who have earned Microsoft certifications tend to work more efficiently with their workmates. This attracts many job opportunities, particularly stable job positions that pay well.

5. Boosts your career advancement

Once you earn one credential, you can proceed to other credentials of the higher level. This will open more opportunities for your career. Credentials like MCSE and MCSD are some of the Microsoft certifications you can earn after getting the MCSA. Gaining mastery in utilities for Microsoft offers the data and capabilities needed in dealing with different careers in IT. Thus, for instance, after getting the MCSA badge in Windows Server 2016, you can opt for the expert level certification MCSE Core Infrastructure. With this badge, you can move from the career of a computer systems administrator, towards such prestigious job positions as information security analyst, administrator, architect or computer support specialist.


How to Become a Microsoft Certified Professional?

To be a Microsoft certified professional, you need to pass all the required exams. For instance, if you’ve opted for MCSA: Windows Server 2012, you should sit for three tests:

  • Exam 70-410 tests your skills in installing and configuring Windows Server 2012,
  • 70-411 exam measures your skills in Administering Windows Server 2012,
  • 70-412 test assesses your skills in the configuration of advanced Windows Server 2012 Services.

Once you pass the required Microsoft certification exams, you’ll prove that you possess the skills necessary for the respective program. Each certification serves as a valuable asset for you to showcase your knowledge and practical experience during your job interview. That means passing the needed exams is extremely important.


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Preparing for Your Microsoft Exam

Using exam dumps is one of the best ways to prepare for any of the Microsoft exams. When searching for exam prep resources online, you’ll easily come across PrepAway. On this website, you may choose free or paid preparation materials of high quality. This is a leading online platform that offers materials for exam preparation. Exam dumps are a collection of exam questions and answers that are provided by individuals who sat for the real exam previously. So, you can find out what topics and tasks you are going to face and thus improve your preparation.

The files offered on the PrepAway platform are opened with the help of the ETE Exam Simulator that mimics the real exam environment. Besides free and paid practice questions and answers, PrepAway offers other useful materials like video lectures, study guides for all Microsoft tests and IT tests from other vendors.


Once you opt to take any of Microsoft’s certification exams, you’ll be welcomed by many benefits. That’s because they are well-recognized by business owners across the globe. Individuals who wish to start at entry-level positions can try earning any MTA or an MCSA certification. This is the initial stage you need to take before you advance to the higher levels of certifications such as MCSE or MCSD badges.

To pass your exam successfully, study well with tools like Microsoft study guides, exam dumps, and video training lectures.


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