This is something we all need to watch and learn. Just as Dandapani says in the video below, since our young school days we are always told to focus, and to concentrate on something but we are never taught HOW to focus and not get distracted.

Many people hear about meditation and think it will help them to focus or to be calmer and not so distracted. While it will do all those things we still need to understand how to apply the focus on the meditation itself. If we don’t, the result is that when we start to meditate we find ourselves constantly distracted or even rushing through the meditation because we have our ‘to do’ lists running in our mind all the time and want to get to it asap.


Instead Of Learning How To Meditate, Learn To FOCUS.


What we need to do is to rather focus on focusing. It is just like any other habit process, if you want to form a good habit, start small and be conscious about it all the time. So what this means is to ensure that whatever task you are doing, apply your entire focus on it. It will be tough at first, but the more you do it, the better you will become at it until it is second nature. For example, if you are sweeping the floor of a room, focus on doing just that and completing it, rather than sweeping for two minutes then checking your phone, then stirring the pot, then sweeping some more and then making a phone call. Make sense?



Instead Of Learning How To Meditate, Learn To FOCUS.


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